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Dark The Souls Unforgiven (Chapter 1)


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Chapter 1: Release

I can feel the raw power. I can see the flames as they rage. Again I feel complete. However, being summoned by such a flea to me, it is a disgrace to MY power. Dischord is clearly tired from the summoning. But to his own credit, he works to speak.
"You... are you... who i think you are?"
I look into his eyes, and i see pain, humiliation, suffering. And i Laugh.
"I am who you seek, i am the dark one, i am Nightwing. Why have you summoned me? Speak now and i might just let you live"
He is clearly shaken by my voice, a gravely sound like two mountains grinding agenst each other. But still he pushes. 
"I have a simple job. Kill these six pony's. Then you shall be free"
He summons a simple spell to show me the ponys. All six flash past my eyes. I immediately know that this man is evil. Before he can even finish speaking, my sword is out, and by the time he notices, my blade is deep within his chest. He looks at me with a look of utter disbelief then falls down further onto his blade. I twist the blade, and remove it, Dischord falling to the ground, he dies at my feet, within a minute of my summoning, and i am already free. I flap my wings, and take off lifting in he sky, the last thing Dischord seeing is his own blood falling from my blade.
I know where I am going. I need to see my old master.

Chapter 2: Canterlot

After many hours of flight, i see the city, and double my speed, within seconds i am above the castle, and hovering above i decide that i cant wait any longer to see Celestia. As i crash through the window, Celestia looks at me as if i just stabbed her personally. I feed off the fear in her eyes, and realize how weak she has become, i resist the urge to kill her immediately, and i begin to speak, but i heard a voice, that made me stop in my tracks.
"Nightwing... is.... that you?"
I turn with wonder in my eyes, to see the last thing i had expected.
I run to her and her to me, and we embrace, I almost had tears in my eyes, but even in this situation i cant. 
"Luna, i thought you were banished... how?" I said.
"Nightwing, i have missed you for so long, i thought of you everyday. I cant believe your here!"
"Ahem..." Celestia finally said "I hate to break this up, but Nig-"
"No" I inturupted "I am Soren, and i will be adressed that way"
"Ok... Soren... Why have you returned, assassins are no longer needed in Equestria"
"That is a lie. Assassins will always be needed, i don't care how, or when. Always. However, as much as i wish to continue, i have important news"
Luna and Celestia looked at me as if i told them they were on fire.
"Do you know these ponys?"
I showed them the images that Dischord had shown me
"Oh my..." Luna said
Celsetia was shaking with rage
"How do you know them!?!"
"Relax your highness, the late Dischord ordered me to kill them, but..."
In answer to my pause i showed them my sword, still red with blood.
Both princesses gasped
"It cant be! You... killed...Dischord?" Luna said
"Yes, he was weak, unlike you my princess" I added slyly, for even to me impressing a princess was a chalenge, and i was rewarded with a slight blush.
But when i was talking, a guard had snuck up to me, and hit me over the head with his spear. Even with what i was, a hit was a hit, and i was out. Last hearing.
"No!!!!!" From Luna.
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