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MLP and Bohemian Grove?


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I was wondering if any of there has been any discussion about this image, on the book in the Episode "Owls Well that Ends Well."




The symbol on the book is a direct reference to the Bohemian Grove Club near San Francisco, CA. It's where the world elite specifically go and perform some things that I will not mention on this forum out of respect. 


I've been studying pop culture in general and it seems like the show and even this fandom is not exempt from the elites poking fun at our intelligence. Anyone who has studied this stuff will see instantly what I am talking about.






I'm just bringing this up because I'm new here and wondering if there has been any discussion on this particular symbolism hidden in the show?

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The Bohemian grove is a stupid conspiracy theory where the leaders of the world offer virgins to be sacrificed to the owl god, molech.

There is not a shred of evidence, but that doesn't stop the conspiracy nuts from posting bogus videos on You Tube.


Anyone can go to the Grove, its a hotel. Anyone can walk out back and see there is no gigantic statue of Molech. Anyone can disprove this silly conspiracy.

---anyone that is but a true believer. Conspiracy nuts will ignore all evidence to the contrary, it is of course...a conspiracy.


Bottom Line: There is NO symbolic connection between MLP and Molech worship. There is no Molech worship. All world leaders do not become Molech worshipers the moment they are elected. There is no 30 ton stone altar in the back of the hotel, if there was we would all have known about it long ago.

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I don't see a symbolic connection between the show and Bohemian Grove because, they think that an owl represents knowledge and they love to do spooky rituals which is something that the show does not follow.

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Well. That I happened to disagree with.

Well then. Rent a room. Take a camera, and take a walk out back. It's that easy. 30 ton stone altars don't move.

Of course conspiracies depend more on dramatic accusations than on actual evidence.


If you bump into Twilight and Princess Celestia sacrificing Derpy under the approving gaze of high priest Bill Clinton, I'm sure you'll let us know.

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