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Hey there, everypony! I would like to request a drawing of my OC, but there's a slight problem... I don't have a reference picture. I can give an EXTREMELY detailed description of her, but I cannot FOR THE LIFE OF ME figure out how to use Photoshop, or anything else. :angry:  I can make a basic design through GeneralZoi's Pony Maker, but that's probably the best I can do. Just ask for the information you need below and I'll be sure to follow you up on your questions with descriptions. I hope that this isn't a huge inconvenience, and like I said, there's a pony maker online that I can use to make a very basic image of her. Thanks in advance!  :catface:

This is as close as I could get to her likeness using the Pony Maker. She's supposed to have a bookbag over her shoulder, but I couldn't find one. >_>  I also couldn't draw the cutie mark, but it looks like an open book with a pencil writing in it. myPony_zpsca4e725d.png

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