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Major in history, minor in biology(micro). Good combination?


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I am going back to college on march 3rd. It won't take long to do all the forms. It's basically an online semester that works in 8 week intervals, throughout the entire year. I am only going to be taking 3 classes per semester. Now of course I need to take the average classes because I have no undergraduate yet. But I want to go as far in college as I can. I want to master history and have a minor in some science classes. I felt cheated in high school with pretty much everything. I know that being a teacher is a heavy job and I want to do it. I want to spend time teaching kids about history so they can do the same.


This is the site. It's in Manchester, New Hampshire. You can check it out if you like. I'm going here period, but just offer me your opinion on handling my courses 


My classes I want to strive for, minus the generic math and english courses. top priority from highest to lowest 




European History 

US History 1 and 2

Asian History(not on there)

Middle Eastern 

Laws and politics 

Micro Biology 


maybe chemistry, I wanted to take it in high school. But people dogged it

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