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LG840G - Music player won't recognize half of songs loaded


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I loaded a bunch of songs onto my LG840G to use later as a playlist in gym class, which at the moment plays only American sexual music that drives me almost literally insane and hinders my performance. (I have gotten approval from the teacher to do this.) Right now, I've sideloaded a count of 12 songs, hoping to find more; however, the phone recognizes exactly 8. I need to have about 30, which I will complete later, so this is an issue I should take care of now. I have the weekend to do this.


What is wrong and how should I fix it?



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The ones it recognizes and the ones it doesn't are all in what appears to be the same folder, and what I've found was that it also recognizes the old things I moved out of that folder to / .

UPDATE: Figured out issue. Here's the long story:


I added new songs to see what would happen. The new songs worked, but the previously unrecognized songs still didn't. I moved the broken songs back to my computer, intending to unmount and remount the phone from there and put them back on. I discovered that the computer said that there was an error (I can't remember the exact message but I believe it was a simple "There was an error moving <filename> to <destination>."). I chose to skip all further warnings and checked the files for corruption.


Apparently some insane data shuffling had somehow happened in the phone, and while the damaged files were playing music on the computer instead of garbage, they were not the original songs on the files but instead clips averaging 1:30 of completely different songs. For example, the file for "Traumfrau" played a 1:38 clip starting in the middle of "Für" - one of the new songs mentioned in the first paragraph which was not damaged.


God only knows how that happened but at least I found the problem.

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