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Any "Younger" Bronies?


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Personally, I'm 15 myself. My age doesn't usually get in the way of things in the fandom and most people seem to treat me as an adult. I do online schooling, so MLP doesn't get in the way at all. Watching an episode while working on schoolwork is pretty fun, I must admit. I don't really have much of a social life since I never cared to so that obviously doesn't interfere with my pony watching. Meh, overall if someone is mature enough, then treat them with respect, no matter their age. 

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I mean like do you catch yourself deciding to watch MLP instead of doing homework, or not going to hang out with friends so you can watch the show.

lol, I can persoanlly say that homework takes up .1% if that of my out of school life. Its just not really there for me. /shrug 

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I dont Want to say my age, I'm under Brony/Pegasister age but I guess This site is great. I just started today Actually  :D I can Be a Pegasister whenever I want. (Under Age or Over Age) Atleast I like Mlp  :muffins: <--- Derpy =^.^= 

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