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Good websites to buy merch?


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 As I was looking for a Dash lanyard, I saw an amazon link in my google search.

Funny, this doesn't look like a RD lanyard.


So my question is: Where can you buy merch from a website?post-24031-0-33130400-1390671590_thumb.jpg


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Welovefine.com is pretty awesome for pony stuff.  They get a lot of things I don't see anywhere else.


Hot Topic also gets some interesting things.


And then of course you have the obvious places like Amazon and eBay.

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Honestly, go check out Redbubble. They have everything you can imagine.


I was going merch shopping online for the first time the other day, and I went to Welovefine first, since I heard so many good things about it, but lemme tell u wat sonny, that place is hella overrated.


Redbubble has everything for every one of the ponies, dammit. I'm sincere when I say that Redbubble >>>>>>> Welovefine.


Go to Redbubble, trust me; We love fine is garbage.

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