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Classic Gaming High Scores


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I came up with the idea for some good ol' video gaming competition here on MLP forums :P.  Here you can post any personal high scores for classic games such as but not limited to: Pacman, Galaga, Castlevania, Tetris, etc.  Ideas to make this more fun are welcome, or general chat about old games too! ^~^.  Score entries requre at least a pic of the visible score, name of game, and system played on. For example:

Galaga, NES port, played on NES. 82,830 post-10302-0-04035500-1390684801_thumb.jpg

I don't think I'm going to count that score as an approved score because it's been a long while, but it's just a general idea how scores could be entered lol.  

Top scores:


Galaga: Top: 97,800, Arcade version, @

2nd: 82,830, NES version, @@)NightmareLulamoon(

Tetris: Top 12,000, Arcade version, @@Delernil 


Pacman: Top: 36,448 - Arcade, @@Scootalove

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@, Arcade version?  I think I'll take it so that we have some sort of start for diff. games and such, then anything beyond or isn't a new game added to the list requres pics :)


The arcade port? Yeah, but it's been like forever, but I'm pretty sure I scored somewhere in the 90-100 thousand range though.

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