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Pinkie Pie Cosplay Help


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So I really would like some cosplaying advice, especially from some female forum users...

My boyfriend and I are going to BronyCon this summer, and I have an idea for a Pinkie Pie cosplay, but I need some help getting a "final draft" of it. I wanted to go out as a "punk rock Pinkie Pie", but I have no clue where to kinda start. I've never cosplayed before, and this will be my first convention, so I want it to look really good. Any suggestions/tips?

Thanks in advance! :)

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I have never cosplayed in my life either (although I want my first cosplay to be L from Death Note. >w<).
I would suggest...first, finding some Pinkie Pie attire! Like you can go to Ebay, Amazon...or if you feel creative, you can make a costume yourself and wear all pink. Simplicity is always good. :)

After you dress like Pinkie, alter your look!
Make yourself look punkish. Ya know, maybe if you wear pink punky lolita clothing, that can work! I happen to notice that Pinkie's special event attire looks very lolita. :3


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