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Gaming RIP Justin Carmichael, aka JewWario


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Anyone who's familiar with That Guy With The Glasses has to be familiar with Justin Carmichael, better known as JewWario, and his You Can Play This web series.  Did some great reviews of some classic import games.


Unfortunately he passed away on Thursday.




RIP, man.  He seemed like a genuinely good guy.

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I saw a few episodes of YCPT. It's hard to believe a man with such a carefree persona was really disturbed enough to take his own life. My condolences to his widowed wife, I hope she can find the strength to move past a loss like this.

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never heard of him nor the series, how-ever it is very sad that he took his own life.




A lot of the time, a happy, care-free persona is often a front to hide one's true feelings of hurt, pain and depression


I know this, as I often put on a happy, care-free persona to hide my own darkness

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It just seemed to me it just all of a sudden became hip and trendy to "care" about the fact the JewWario, unfortunately, passed away.

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