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Good ol' Mr. Green needs your thoughts on him!


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It tis I! Here is a nice explaination of Mr.Green! 

Design: Dark Green fur with a messy, turquoise mane to boot. His eyes are a light yellow and he wears a lab coat that has his cutie mark on it.

Name: Mr. Green (True name: Lily Green)


Species: Unicorn (LOL Unicron...)


Gender: Male (obviously)


age: 21


Cutie Mark: A budding Blue rose with a yellow star in the middle. the outer petals of the flower are turquoise, complimenting his mane.


Personality: Hard to explain: He is a very excitable pony. he is always alert for something a new. He is also very defensive over his plants and can be a bit of a cry baby if ever messed with. Some would call him a bit bipolar because his mood could change in a blink of an eye. If his plants are touched, eaten and or destroyed, he'll either scream or cry for a VERY long time. He also zones out a lot into his own imaginary town when alone. He can be INCREADABLY sweet at times or downright ignore you. Such is the life of Mr.Green. He is a HUGE romantic, he loves fluffy and romantic moments and waits for it to happen to him one day.


Occupation:A degree as a Doctor, Nature observer(plants only), Match maker. Plantation owner (Greenhouse)


Likes: Nature (Duh), romance, scenery, imagination, new ponies, and The Pony of Steel himself, Supercolt! Has sort of a (HUGE!!) crush on Dear Celestia.


Location: A Green house near Sweet apple acres.


Hobbies: Planting (okay, no more 'obviously' phrases), thinking of romantic scenarios, reading comics, studying the different bioms in which plants survive, talking to ponies. 




Backstory: Mr.Green comes from a long lineage of ponies. Unicorns, Earth pony, and Pegasai alike. 
He was born two months early then he was supposed to, because his mother had a poison in her blood because of smoke inhalation from a mysterious attacker, via his reason for being so excitable, imaginative, and quick to change his emotions. Luckily for him, they both survived.
He only ever knew his Mother, Cherri Green, a sweet and oh so loving beautiful mare. Nopony knew what happened to his father. He was said to be as loving as Cherri, and very honorable stallion. Once when Canterlot was in trouble, he set out and never came back, leaving Cherri a widow.
Cherri and his personal teachers taught Green everything he knows now. He was slow in the teaching process but managed to suprise, his teachers and mom on much he actually retained in his years of growing up.
His reason for his romantic ways are from, ironically, is from his father; his father was a Casanova of sorts when he was a young colt, and it passed down to Green, only Green's romantic ways is fluffy, light hearted, and extremely cute. (And I mean 'Hrrrrrrg!!!!!' and heart grab cute!)
Once old enough, Cherri gave him 'Harmony Rebirth', a plant passed down generation by generation. It was then he became obsessed with plants. She told him it was time for him to finally explore the world and discover new things. He, in all honesty, was excited! New plants to behold, New places to see, and most of all, ponies to meet! His life goes on from there as he continues to wierd out ponies with his personality and his obsession over plants. Such is strange of life Mr.Green.......
His true name? Lily.... Which is why he prefers Mr.Green.


Other: He is not a big fan of small critters, afraid that they might eat his plants. Nopony knows what he eats. He is not an herbivore (unless absolutely needed to be.). Some say he just drinks water all day, keeping himself full; Its rumored by many that actually eats....eats MEAT *LE GASP*! but its never been proven...... actually his diet is mostly muffins and cupcakes, knowing full well what the ingredients are. He's just able withstand that fact. He owns a plant called Harmony Rebirth.


Favorite food: He doesn't have much a variety, but he loves himself some chocolate!


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I would suggest adding more color to him.  I only say that because making him entirely green will make his color palette a bit dull. His cutie mark needs a bit of work too. I'd suggest giving him a blue flower with a yellow center as the main portion of his cutie mark, with two leaves the same color as his mane in the background.  You could give him yellow eyes, too, to match the yellow center of the cutie mark. This'll make all of the important features of him pop. 


I don't think owning a rare plant really counts as a special talent. I mean, anyone can own something. Why not make his special talent something to do with landscaping? This'll give him a job that better suits his interests, too--ecologists have to work with animals as well as plants. He seems to love scenery and nature a lot, so being a landscaper would be a perfect job for him. 


Mr. Green's backstory is extraordinarily awkward. As long as you rephrase a few things, though, it should be fine. 


That's all I can think of at the moment.  :)

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I like how he freaks out if his plants are bothered, it's pretty unique. :3


All in critique I would say to give him a first name as well, maybe to flesh him out a little more. You don't really need to use it, I just think it could add a bit more to his character.

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