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Hello, just showing one of my newest OC's, Vivid Visions c:

Originally I was just practicing drawing ponies, then I got bored and spit my sketch in half and went from there.I liked her so much when I finished, I decided to make her an official OC! I absolutely adore her now c:


Her talent is creating hallucinations that affect other ponies. Though she is not immune to her own hallucinations, so she struggles if things are real or not. She has good days and bad days with controlling the hallucinations, so she is a bit unpredictable on how she acts. The split down her middle is not always there, so can appear normal sometimes. No pony really knows if her split is just an hallucination as well, or if its actually real.




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I'm so glad to hear that you all like Vivid Visions ;3;

Ive been a bit worried about maybe getting some hate and stuff for making her, since she is a bit different then what a normal MLP would be in the show c:

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Woah, i find this really disturbing, that looks like entrails (Maybe it is? Im sorry:wacko:


Cool idea and painting tho :D Nice job!

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