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Hi Everypony!


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Hello everypony!


I'm Greywolfin, though most people just call me Grey. I'm a 21 year old college student studying Mechanical Engineering and I am one of very few girls in the program! This is my first forum and I hope to stay as active as I can with schoolwork bombarding me on a daily basis. I love making AMVs and PMVs and plan to post some to my Youtube channel as soon as I get them finished. I also LOVE video games. Most (if not all) of my free time is normally spent playing video games. My most recent addiction is the MMORPG Forsaken World, so come find me if you play it too! I'm always looking for more friends and really look forward to being on this forum! :D

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You are going to go far around here, I think this forum is just the right place for you! Welcome to the paradise of My Little Pony, hope you enjoy your stay here, enjoy making friends, and have a wonderful time! Take it easy. :)



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Welcome to the forums, seems like we have pretty similar interests, I love gaming too, I used to be big time into MMORPG games and forsaken world was one of them, but I got so badly addicted to them I had to quit, better this way really :P 


Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time on the forums and hope to see you around more, if you need help with anything feel free to give me a shout =] 

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