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Planning ~Amelia's Little Adventure~ *and friends*

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Welcome everypony!

Lets make this short and sweet:

Amelia* wants to go on adventure. She also wants three new friends to join her on a few trips to new, unknown and fantastical lands.

1) Regular RP rules (yada-yada).
2) First come first serve.
3) Any pony race allowed... Just don't be ridiculously alicorny.
4) The RP will be pretty random by nature, so don't complain about that.
5) Have fun!

So do YOU want to ensue the small strange equine, creating your quest from the very beginning? If so, please PM me! I'd be happy to discuss any inquires and propositions.


I may incorporate some of MY own music (using my Skype @neutrino99nucleated) into the to to set the mood. Maybe? No?


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