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Adventure The Dream Catalyst


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Before I start this fan-fiction, I would like to credit my friend on MLP Forums named "Red Lotus." He/she sent me a picture of his/her OC to include into this fan-fiction.


One cold winter night in Equestria, nopony was awake, no sounds made, nothing. Except for that of Ocelot. Ocelot has rich, creamy vanilla coat, fuzzy ears that are similiar to a cat, a shade of brown for the eyes. Ocelot is very talented at hunting monsters, which is shown perfectly by his cutie mark.


Ocelot never misses a chance to have some fun. Any bruise or cut, Ocelot carries on, no questions asked. Ocelot was out late at night searching for animals to eat. Ocelot is very talented at staying hidden from wandering animals, especially in the darkness. Ocelot crept behind every tree. He tends to find various monsters in the dark.


Ocelot scouts the area. He spots a pony-like figure, but he knew that nopony was up around this time. He couldn't tell what it looked like. For hours he stalked it. In the morning, he decided it was about time to attack it. He transformed into a lion, and hopped around the corner. He tackled the wandering animal. Before he killed it, he made sure to take one last look at what he was killing.


"NO!" The helpless pony screached. Ocelot looked at the pony in confusement. He hopped off of the pony and transformed back into his formal self. "Sorry." Ocelot said. "Nopony usually wanders around in the Everfree all night except for me."


"How did you turn into a lion?" She asked him. "Well, a zebra taught me how to." Ocelot responded. "Oh sorry. My name is Clarity." She said. "My name is Ocelot." Ocelot turned around. He started to walk back to the Tree-house village he lived in. Clarity stopped him. "Wait! You musn't go yet!" She exclaimed


"I believe you me and Equestria with something." Ocelot grinned. He loved to help other ponies out. "What do you have in mind?" Ocelot asked in glee. "Well, everyponies dreams have turned into nightmares with wierd hypnosis inside of the nightmares. This hypnosis can very easily make anypony crazed and marauding." Clarity told Ocelot.


Ocelot's smile faded a little bit. "Crazed? Marauding?" He thought. "Deal!" he exclaimed. Clarity grew a large smile. "Every one million years, thy dream controller becomes corrupt. The dream controller has been dubbed The Dream Catalyst." Clarity told Ocelot. "Where is it?" Ocelot asked. Clarity pointed at the most steep mountain in Equestria.


"Toxic Peak." Clarity nodded. Ocelot had never explored Toxic Peak before. Toxic Peak had the craziest monsters, such as hordes of hyenas, timberwolf dragons, dream chimeras, and lots more. Ocelot couldn't wait to solve Equestria's problem, and he also couldn't wait to slay all of those cool monsters!


"Before I go, please let me return to the Tree-House Village so I can gather some things. Ocelot pleaded. "Hurry, the longer we wait, the more home as we know it becomes a wasteland." Ocelot turned into a lion and dashed as fast as he could. Those monsters may be a problem; but not a big enough problem for Ocelot.


Ocelot made it back to Clarity safely. Clarity carried on, no questions asked. Ocelot changed back into his pony form and followed. Great challenges awaited. Ocelot and Clarity were on their own to make it to Toxic Peak's Catalyst. They started to travel up the steep, wretched mountain.


Ocelot spotted hyenas in the distance. They continued on, but soon enough, the hyenas left into an abandoned house on Toxic Peak. They continued, Ocelot had no worries. However, Clarity noticed occasional light beams coming from The Dream Catalyst's location every five minutes. These were vast energy pulses produced by the legendary Dream Catalyst. This signals at least 50 more ponies crazed.


And then it would increase in production. The insanity level would go beyond Equestria. After a while of traveling, the beams started to burst out red energy beams from the west and south. Anypony would be worried. "C'mon." Clarity said as she started to speed up. Ocelot  took the lead.


About half-way up the mountain, hyenas confronted them. They stopped dead in their tracks. The beams sounded once again. A wall appeared behind them. They could not run. Ocelot quickly changed into a lion and took Clarity by the hoof. Ocelot ran as fast as he could to get away from the hyenas--if they were hyenas. They could have been a new mythical animal produced by the catalyst.


After the hyenas decided to leave, an avalance took place cross the mountain side. Huge, crumbling rocks tumbled down toward them. Once again, Ocelot took off with Clarity. But this time, Clarity's wing got stuck in a rock. Clarity tried her hardest to pull her wing out. "Assistance please, Ocelot." she asked politely. Ocelot rammed his lion head into the boulder and breaking it.


"Thanks." She said in a faint voice. "Dont mention it." Ocelot replied. Another boulder came hurdling toward them. Clarity flew off, as Ocelot ran out of the way. Ocelot and Clarity were worn out during this point. "Good think I brought some water from my Tree-House Village."


The two ponies continued on to the three and four quarters mark. They were so close to the legendary Catalyst that could save Equestria! Once again, the beams shined. This time, a blue aura surrounded the beams. About 30 seconds later, a group of ponies flew to them. There faces were pale. Each one of them took out a very sharp weapon. "Can you be my torture doll FOR LIFE?" One said. Another said, "The end is near for you!"


Clarity squinted. They were obviously infected by The Dream Catalyst. The ponies jumped on Clarity, but Clarity jumped away in time. The horde of twisted maniacs followed them to the very top of Toxic Peak. The Catalyst shined bright, and had an interesting array of green inside of it.


The group of maniacs stopped dead in their tracks and stared at The Catalyst. Their faces turned to their original color. They dropped their knives. "Why are we here?" One asked. "This Catalyst that protects Equestria has been corrupted, and my friend Ocelot and I are here to purify it." Clarity explained. "Seems interesting." Another one said. "Can we help?" "Of course you can help!" Ocelot exclaimed. "We need all the help we can get."


Clarity turned to The Catalyst. A book sat on a somewhat rust bar attached to the wall. The book was entitled "Crazed demise, turn back to normal." "Ocelot, read this book, figure out a spell. Thats why I needed you here." Clarity ordered. "Right on it." Ocelot replied. Ocelot looked closely at each and every word in the book.


"Spell incantations... Blah, blah, blah... Ahah! I found it!" Ocelot exclaimed. "We have no time to lose!" Clarity screamed. "Use the spell!" Ocelot's horn glowed an array of purple, black and green. He concenctrated his hardest, and used the spell on The Catalyst. The Catalyst floated in the air. A tornado of the sweet color green and the flourescent yellow surrounded the Catalyst.


The skies turned bright. The sun was out. Birds chirped. Grass grows. The majority of ponies killed by crazed are the most unlucky, but they all lived happy great lifes.


Every single maniacal pony that was infected was turned to normal. Judgement desire no longer lives inside them. Clarity and Ocelot smiled at each other, and observed the great birds that fly high. "Thank you. Without your help, Equestria would have been eradicated." Clarity grinned. "My pleasure!" Ocelot smiled.


Clarity jumped down the mountain. "Catch you later." Ocelot said as he turned into a lion. Clarity smiled, and went back to her house, as well as Ocelot. Ocelot returned to his normal being, and feasted on some mythical hyenas when he got back. Clarity took back her normal days into studying.


The END!


I hope you enjoyed this fan-fiction. A lot of work is put into this. THIS FAN-FICTION would not have been possible without Red Lotus. He sent me his OC, Ocelot, who as you can tell, served his purpose in this fan-fiction.



Ocelot: post-18605-0-82603500-1391049299_thumb.png



Clarity: post-18605-0-21262400-1391049251_thumb.png


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