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Dark Night Wolfe, Son of Discord

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Hello everyone. I would like to introduce myself as a new writer. I will say I'm not the best and I do get hate about my stories almost everyday.


So anyways I have 2 fics that I have up on FIMfiction, which I'm beginning to hate(For reasons).


Anyways when you do go look at the stories I will say chapter 1 of both are not my best, but the rest seem ok. Just please help a new writer.


First let me say this: My OC is an alicorn, let me stop you right there, he is in no way OP or Mary Sue and I made sure of that.


And don't just say the story suck, tell me why.


Story 1: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/144080/night-wolfe-son-of-discord


Story 2: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/150051/my-oc-in-my-world


Please do help mepost-23094-0-75495500-1391128182_thumb.png

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You just need to practise some more that's all. If you keep it up you could write something really great.

*hugs* Thank you for helping me..almost done with chapter 7. I'm scared cause I'm bringing in Twilight into the main story. So thank you.

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