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My Little Airplane: Cloudsdale Aerial Team


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Greetings to all flyers.

I would like to post here one of my favourite and to be honest first picture of The Wonderbolts.

Well there are not literally ponies there but I find this one real nice.

Like I said ages ago, one of my biggest passions are airplanes. I like to create my own planes since I was a kid. This time I creates a jet based on prototype YF-23 Black Widow. The machines presented below were designed by Cloudsdale Aerial Industries for the Wonderbolts.

You can see here Spitfire on the top right, Fleetfoot in middle left and Soarin = bottom right.





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I was half expecting Spitfire on a Supermarine Spitfire, but okay.


Well that would be too obvious :)

The pic is a tribute both to Wonderbolts and Blue Angels in away 

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Ah, I've seen the Blue Angels before. Pretty sure the F/A-18 Hornet looks different than that but okay.


I wanted to give them my modigied S/F-18 Strato Hornets but these F-23's look cooler :)

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I suppose they do look cooler.


S/F-18. I may try to make a version with Strato Hornets but right now I am thinking about Dashie's team for Equestria Games and I see BulkBiceps as GeeBee


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