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Planning The Multiversal Matchmaking Corner (Romance)

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((If there's a rule against anything here, let me know))


Have you ever felt yourself craving some significant other in your life? Have you desired the intimate companionship most organic organisms so desperately crave?


Assuming you said yes, have you been unsuccessful in finding this other? Have you searched all the areas of the Earth (figuratively and/or literally) in search for what now feels unobtainable?


Then you are happily welcomed the Multiversal Matchmaking Corner.


This is not a traditional matchmaking agency. You aren't dropped in, asked to give personal information before we pair you through similar interests: Really, who honestly has fun with that? Here, you are encouraged to simply enter, engage in conversation, and hope to leave with a date. Perhaps you may even leave with nothing more than more friends, we won't force love on you (you are encouraged to try, though.)


So drop on in, everyone - and I DO mean everyone - to enjoy free food, free refreshments, and a place to simply find your soulmate!


Sommy crossover RP take 2; Romance edition!


Much like my failed Crossover Cafe, this RP revolves around no set plotline or dynamic, and centers simply around fictional characters finding love.


A slice-of-life RP to the core.


But don't ask how all these universes are entering the same building. Unless you don't want am answer.


Now for rules:


No sexual content or language This is a romantic RP, yes, but it is strictly PG-13, and that's being lenient. This is a place for fluffy romance, not one-night stands. Treat it as such.


There will be NO murder. I don't care if your character has a sadism fetish, there will be NO character death on the premises. There is just no reason for it, and having it will only derail the RP from what its meant to be.


Do not feel obligated to ensure your character ends up with someone

Fact of the matter is, some people aren't meant to be together... Hell, some just shouldn't be in a relationship at all. Friendzoning, denial, trauma... Don't be afraid of causing complications and drama.


No restrictions on pairings, as long as both parties are sapient

Seriously, go all out. If you wanna pair an anthropomorphic hedgehog with an ordinary human being, or a talking unicorn with a space invader, or pair Sebastian and Shota, by all means, if you can make it work, go for it.


No godmodding This one's kinda a gimme, but you'd be surprised how often this is overlooked. No making a kiss happen before the other character can kiss back (unless the intention is that it's a surprise or forced), no kicks in the crotch without giving the other RPer a chance to save their characters, etc. Your character is NOT perfect and is not to be treated as such.


No OCs. I'm sorry guys. I'm really, REALLY sorry. But having OCs in this RP ruins the point of what it's made to be in the first place. It's a crossover RP; OCs miss the point.


Have fun!

Having restrictions may seem like a bummer, but never forget what this RP is made to be: Fun! Make sure you, and the others around you; all have a great time RPing~!


((I'll join, but I'm waiting for others to join first))


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