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Ponified Movie Titles

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  • Wizard Of Equestria,
  • Pinkie and Cheese Sandwich Go To Sky Castle,
  • The Parasprite Effect,
  • Flim and Flammer,
  • Saving Private Rarity


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I, Frankenpony
Life of Twi

The Great Cantersby

The Pony with the Dragon Cutie Mark

Le Fabuleux Destin de Twilight Sparkle (AKA Twilie)

Clash of the Alicorns

The Termineightor

Pony Run

Sherlock Hooves: A Game of Cupcakes


From Up in Ponyville


Austin Power: International Pony of Mystery


Am I cool yet?

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Star Trot II: The Wrath of Discord

Star Trot III: The Search for Spike

Star Trot IV: The Gallop Home

Star Trot V: The Final Friendship

Star Trot VI: The Undiscovered Pony

The Towering Chaos

The Discord Adventure

2001: A Space Stallion

2010: The Year we make Magic

A Clockwork Apple

Anchormare: The Legend of Cheese Sandwich

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Pinkiemon: The First Movie
Pony Fiction

The Maretrix

Equestrian History X

Foal Metal Jacket


Dances With Timberwolves

Don't Be A Menace To South Canterlot While Eating Your Oats In The Hood

Snips And Snails' Excellent Adventure

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Cool and Cooler (dumb and dumber but rainbow dash style)

Buck-it Applejack (Wreck-it ralph)

Celestia's 2016 (Obama's 2016)

The philly (The hobbit)

The friendship bracelet (the ring)

Karate Pony (Karate kid)

The party games (the hunger games pinkie pie style)

The nightMARE on pony street (the nightmare on elm street)

The trixie of oz (the wizard of oz)

Saving Dr. Whooves (Saving Mr. Banks)

Pinkie poppins (mary poppins)

Back to the canterlot (back to the future)

The ponyville seesaw massacre (the texas chainsaw massacre)

The pony centipede (the human centipede)

Pinkie pie and the chocolate factory (Charlie/ww in the chocolate factory)

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Mighty Marephin Power Ponies

Mighty Marephin Power Ponies The Movie

Mighty Marephin Alien Ponies

Power Ponies ZEO

Turbuck; A Power Ponies Quest

Power Ponies Turbuck

Power Ponies In Space

Power Ponies Exiled Galaxy

Power Ponies Dashspeed Rescue

Power Ponies Time String (string meaning a Group Of Ponies)

Power Ponies Wild String

Power Ponies Ninja Storm

Power Ponies Buck Thunder

Power Ponies Mystic Unicons

Power Ponies Opmaration Overdash

Power Ponies Flutter Fury

Power Ponies RPM (Rodeo Pillies & Mares)

Power Ponies Samares

Power Ponies Super Samares

Power Ponies Marestring

Power Ponies Super Marestring

Power Ponies Mareno Charge

Power Ponies Mareno Buck Charge

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Mean Fillies (Mean Girls)


X-Mares: Days of Discord (X-men Days of future past)


Supercolt (SuperMan!)


Daring Do and the Empire of the Crystal Heart (Indiana Jones and the kingdom of the crystal skull)  ((This one is the best one I came up with :D ))


The Pony Games: Parasprite (The Hunger Games: Mockingjay)


This took longer than expected! 

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Here's Mine


Dr. Neigh

From Manesia with Love



You Only Buck Twice-(Only Word that would suit it....)

On Her Princess's Secret Service

Ponies Are Forever

Live and Let Hoof

The Unicorn with the Golden Horn

The Pony who Loved me


For your Hoofs Only


A View for a Mare

The Living Parasprite

Licence to Brohoof


Nightmare Never Rises

Equestria is not Enough

Hoof another Pony

Celestia Royale

Quantum of Pegassi



(Not a Movie But Still Great) Wonderbolts-Thunderbirds

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Big Pony 6 (Big Hero 6)

Harry Pony and the Alicorn's stone. (Harry Potter and the Sorcer's Stone)

The Little Mermare (The Little Mermaid)

Iron Mare (Iron Man)

The Equestiran Games (The Hunger Games)

Wreck-It-Big Mac (Wreck-It-Ralph. I failed at this...)

Apple Bloom and the Candy Apple factory (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

The NightMARE before Heart's Warming (The Nightmare before Christmas)

Percy Coltson (Percy Jackson)

Apple Bloom and the Giant Apple (James and the Giant Peach)

Shining Armor and Cadence (Romeo and Juliet)

Spidercolt (Spiderman)

The Elements of the Galaxy (The Guardians of the Galaxy)

A Heart's Warming Story (A Christmas Story)

The Hunchcolt of Celestia Dame (The Hunchback of Notre Dame)

Doctor Whooves's Sing Along Blog (Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog)


Not much else I can think of right now. I might post some more later. These are best I can think of right now.

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