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Request Shop Tinker Tunes' Art Lottery and Request Shop (open)


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<<Tinker Tunes' Art Lottery & Request Shop>>



Art Lottery


Pick a number between 1 and 1'000'000


Lottery begins:_____ Lottery Ends: _____


[unfortunately, the lottery is closed at this time due to technical difficulties. Please try back again later!]



Request Shop


Ahoy there, ponies, and welcome to my humble request shop!


Now then, straight to business. This is no ordinary art request shop. This is a magical art request shop. The rules and regulations are going to change every time I do a new request! However, there are some rules that are set in stone and will not change at all. We'll call them the Basic Rules. The other ones we'll call the Evolving Rules. Sounds fun, right? I bet you're curious, now.


Basic Rules

Basic rules are in place because of the horrible experiences I have had as an artist who frequently offers free stuff.

  • Do not sass me, gurl
  • Do not remove, edit, or alter my signature in the final piece
  • Credit me where credit is due
  • I have the right to refuse any request
  • This art is free and I do not owe you anything
  • If you don't like it, you don't have to keep it
  • If you don't like it, I will not re-do it for you
  • Flattery will get you no where, sugar cakes
  • Harassment of any kind will be reported
  • You may only request ONCE! Each request will be treated as a universal request for all future evolving rules
  • Must post an image of your OC (PM me if you want an exception)
  • If you do something dumb, I'll probably make a rule about not doing the thing


Evolving Rules

Evolving rules are simple rules that will change every time I begin a new request! It's fun, trust me


February 4th, 2014 "The Gamble"

  • I will be accepting one request of my choosing
  • OC's only
  • You do not get to see what my art style is like
  • Colour may or may not be added
  • Pick a number between 1 and 10. The number you choose will determine whether or not your character will have socks on


Awesome! Sounds fun, right? Now, just to make things easier, when you post an image of your character or desired pony, I would also like you to give me the following information:


  • Pony name
  • Cutie mark (when applicable)
  • Brief history
  • Simplified personality traits
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  • Pony name:Selune Darkeye
  • Cutie mark (when applicable)
  • Brief history:She had a quiet childhood during which she studied magic. When she was just 15years old she discovered she had the same affinity with her mother in Divination magic. Though she loved her mother, she was always a wild spirit of adventure that explored the world. Often her adventures would take her outside her home city of Manehatten. She felt that the city was too small for her and making friends in a city environment seemed hard for her.
  • Simplified personality traits:Humourous, adventurous, friendly, intuitive, crafty. She does the best a good pony can do... in other words her alingment is Neutral Good.

    Number chosen:9
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