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Rank The Mane 6! Who's the funniest?


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I can't necessarily rank them, but the one who has made me laugh the most would be Twilight I think. Probably because she is easily relatable for me, and seeing her in some of the situations for a character of her personality. Rarity and Fluttershy can be good for a laugh now and then. AJ for a chuckle once in a blue moon, but nothing really funny ever happens with the down to earth pony. There have been a couple laughs with Pinkie, but mostly I just find her antics annoying.

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1. Pinkie

2. Rarity

3. Applejack / Twilight

4. Rainbow

5. Fluttershy


Pinkie is the most funny for me :) I loved her in Party of One and I always look for to these little funny moments with her in episodes. 

And Fluttershy isn't funny at all, for me anyway. Maybe in the beggining of the series, but now I'm usually just bored, when I see scenes with her, which are supposed to make me laugh (like Fluttershy-Hulk in Power Ponies or a lot of scenes, which show how extremely shy she is).

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Who is the funniest? ha! that's easy! 



They are all equally funny! I don't know how many times they have all made me roll on the floor just laughing my ass off! So I'm sorry I can't say one is funnier then the other... that would be wrong of me.

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I have different choices depending on each season. The easiest choice would be Pinkie Pie, but actually it's not, I see Pinkie more like a, 'Seriously Pinkie? you're so random. WTF Pinkie! what are you doing?' kind of thing. However from season 1 to 3 Rarity has been the funniest character, because I like how she sometimes breaks the image of a lady by her comical unexpected reactions.

Season 2, was a highlight for Fluttershy in the funny department, because of her unexpected moods swings from shy to assertive.


However this season, Pinkie is being funny again, she's much better than season 3 Pinkie which was terrible to me. But somepony else that is almost tied with Pinkie in the funny department is Rainbow Dash. quite unnexpected isn't it.

Her fangirling in Daring Don't, her professionalism jokes in Flight to the Finish and she was the only one that made me laugh in Rarity's takes Manehattan, so yeah it's strange but Rainbow is being pretty funny this season.

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Look at all of you people ranking Applejack last. Y'all have no taste for her dry humor. :P


1. Pinkie Pie - She is the element of laughter so I would expect her to be the funniest character as that's her niche. I don't think there are too many episodes where I didn't laugh at Pinkie Pie's silliness.

2. Rarity - I find her drama queen antics to be incredibly funny and Tabitha St. Germain has a voice that never fails to deliver.

3. Applejack - AJ might be straight-shooting and a bit more serious in her demeanor most of the time, but she's actually very witty and her deadpan sense of humor seems to come very naturally and I always enjoy it.

4. Twilight Sparkle - Her nerd-outs and spasms (ala Lesson Zero) always make for some of the funniest moments in the show.

5. Rainbow Dash - Dash can be plenty funny, but as for personal tastes, I just don't like her style of humor as much as the others.

6. Fluttershy - She's more cute than straight up funny and often times her humorous moments are really over-the-top (Flutterulk, scolding the dragon/cockatrice, and her many scaredy pony moments) and like Dash, this just isn't my preferred kind of humor.

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Here are my funniest ponies!


1. Pinkie Pie. She is, bar none, the funniest. Nuff said! :)

2. Rarity. I love it when she's a whining drama queen. It's hard to know when to take her seriously. :D

3. Applejack. Yes, I think she is funnier than she sometimes gets credit for. :huh:

4. Twilight. She has that adorkable kind of humor. When she tries to be funny, she rarely is, but you have to give her credit for trying. Instead, the best Twilight laughs come when she's not trying to be funny. :o

5. Fluttershy. She's more of a sympathetic and cute character than a funny one. But she can get a good laugh out of me too. :yay:

6. Rainbow Dash. She doesn't make me giggle quite as much as the rest do. But she's my second favorite pony and I admire so many other things about her. :wub:


Truth be told, I love the Mane 6 ponies and find them all to be quite funny. Ranking them just now was actually a bit of a challenge for me. ;)

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1. Pinkie - Well, duh. She's the element of laughter, and the one pony who can always make me laugh

2. Twilight - She can be really funny at times (Especially in Lesson Zero and It's About Time) even if she's not always trying to be funny.

3. Rarity - She doesn't necessarily make me laugh, but it still makes me smile when she gets hit in the head with a rock. (The revenge of Tom!)

4. Fluttershy - She isn't really the kind of pony to make someone laugh. She's the most adorable pony in the world (in my opinion), but it doesn't make her that funny really.

5. Tie between Rainbow and Applejack - Well, neither of them are really funny to me...

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1.Rainbow Dashie, her tom boyish personality is so adorable and hilarious!


2. Pinkie pie.................................RANDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!! LMAO


3. Twilight Sparkle , ADORKABLE, been said a lot, and I'll say it again! :P


4. Rarity, So funny how she over reacts to everything!


5. Fluttershy , she is SOOOOO SHY!!! I love her! :blush:


6. Applejack, Has a terrible time lying, and an awesome country girl!


They are all amazing in their own way! :yay:

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They've all had their moments of hilarity, but I guess if I had to rank them:

1. Pinkie Pie- she's the element of laughter, come on now. Best moments were probably in The Last Roundup.

2. Rarity- if only for her sudden dramatic quips at times. But they're enough to make me chuckle a bit every time.

3. Twilight- usually with jokes at her expense and when she went kookoo, the last time she was any sort of funny though was the start of Equestria Girls.

4. Fluttershy- not much of a laugh out of her unless she's being overly sweet or overly angry.

5. Applejack- Applebuck Season is an absolutely hilarious episode, but she hasn't been all that funny since.

6. Rainbow Dash- she just isn't usually that funny. An awesome character sure, but not one that makes me laugh usually. :P

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