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My thoughts on Valentine's Day...


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Is a cherillee fan. Hates Valentines day


I mean come on dude. Are you serious?

What does being a fan of her have to do with liking that day??


I would maybe like Valentine's Day if I had a special somepony to spend it with, which I don't. So screw Valentine's Day *angry face*

Lmao even if I was in a relationship I'd still not like that day... I mean really everyone else who is single is going to be left out I'd be like dude that ain't fair man. So both ways I'd still not like it!

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While it does bring more attention to the fact that I'm not with the one I love, and that I'm lonely, honestly, I have plenty of reminders in my life that Valentine's Day is the least of my worries.


In fact, last year it gave me hope. =)

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This gif would best describe me on Valentines Day




Sulking in my loneliness while eating discounted candy 

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I'm a newlywed, and we're still poor after our honeymoon.

but ya know,

Its not about chocolate or roses...its about love. And that really all you need.

I hate to rain on your parade but...


Let's be honest. Love is important, but so is money for survival. You can't love if you can't live. Seriously, you're gonna need a better job to keep your lives going.

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