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What custom plushie would you want?


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i think a plushy in that third style (the BBBFF style) would be kinda creepy :P

anyway, i wouldn't really know what to suggest. you got it pretty much covered with the mane six and some background ponies.

i would buy one, tough i'm poor. and i live in a euro country so i also would need to pay shipping... kinda out of my range :(

do you have any pics of how the plushies would be as a finished product?

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Ok thanks for the input! It also looks like plushies with outfits/accesories like the gala dresses are popular too. I really wanted a mailmare derpy plush I saw a while back that ended up selling for over 1k -__-. What are some of your favorite outfits?

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On 2021-09-30 at 6:36 AM, Equus said:

My pride and joy


Now the quest is on in the new generation, perhaps a Sunny of similar size? Maybe... one day

I would want one like this  :> Take good care of her you lucky one :3

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