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Do the Faceless Face Fear?


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A simple concept: you are faceless. The advent of the Internet has allowed for communication over distances once deemed impossible to surpass. And yet here we are, a string of text and code that consistently hides true human nature and emotion. My goal is to dig deeper into that theme.  


My Little Pony is a world in which we are surrounded by polychromatic horses, innocent clichés and the occasional rainbow. What do all of those have in common? They all connote happiness and joy. Maybe that that’s what lured you here in the first place; maybe that’s why you stayed. But the majority of the gifts to society are just façades for deeper, darker tones underneath.


So my question for you is: have you felt fear within the MLP fandom, or do you feel it now? If so, what kind? A sort of “what am I turning into” fear? Or perhaps a “what would I do if somebody knew” fear? I know each one of you has felt at least something of the sort.  Fear is a powerful emotion; I know the fandom is not devoid of it. I intend for this information to be used as a sort of...personal study. Why people do what they do and what they hope to conceal. And the best part? You are obscured by a screen. You have nothing to lose.

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At some point in time, I did feel fear within the fandom itself. If you honestly ask me what kind of fear I feel at times, I feel the kind of fear where I think the fandom will come to terms where it will start to self-destruct from its own freedom.

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That was quite possibly the deepest thing I ever read but didn't understand.


ok now i understand, have I ever felt fear of being a brony?


No, not really, I don't really care what others think of me.

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