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In the event Humanity wins in a Conversion Bureau war.

Should we be merciful to the Ponies or destroy them?  

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  1. 1. Should we be merciful to the Ponies or destroy them?

    • Show mercy.
    • Destroy them.

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In the event Humanity wins in a Conversion Bureau war.


A brief rundown of the Conversion Bureau for info, the Ponies tried to commit genocide on our species and many of the Ponies turned Humans into smiling Ponies, brainwashed zombie Newfoals that would charge right at machine guns to try turn other Humans into Ponies, by throwing potion bombs and overwhelming with them numbers. The Ponies were very cruel, for they even made us fight our own children, by turning them into zombie Newfoals, whom they ordered to run straight into machine guns to try turn a few Humans into Ponies. And the Ponies have a nearly unstoppable slowly expanding sphere of death called the barrier, which destroys the Human body on contact and everything man made.


Xenolestia (TCB Celestia) is dead (killed by both Humans and Ponies turned against her.) the barrier is gone and the Ponies are at our mercy, there's nothing protecting them now.


Should we be merciful to the Ponies, as in teach them a lesson, but don't destroy them completely?


I think we should be merciful, especially if there's Ponies that fought on our side in the war like "The Other Side of the Spectrum fan fiction)" and if canon Ponies helped us in certain TCB universes.


If we go all taking a page from Hitler's book and destroy them all for what they done to us. We sort of in a way prove them right. But then again they did kind of bring it on themselves, for attempting to destroy us. If we want to spare them, it might be up to our more sane Humans to hold back our more bloodthirsty fellow Humans that want revenge

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Chop off the horns of these supremacists, so they don't pose a big danger anymore. Then we can talk about mercy.

Sorry, if this sounds heartless, but they tried to wipe us out first. So screw them. Let's even enslave them for the next 200 years to teach them some humility.


I hate these fics, btw. They bring out the worst in me. :comeatus:

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