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OOC 1X1 Adventure/Romance RP

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I'm looking for someone to join me in a 1X1 Adventure/Romance RP that will take place... well, everywhere. The setting is a train... yes, a train. This train is unlike most trains, because it goes wherever it wants, whenever it wants, even across sea and air. Many Equestrians call this the Adventure train, for those who would like to get on and not know where they are going. Some accidentally get on, thinking its a different train, and this is exactly what happens to two Ponies (you and me).


I am planning for the train to go way out in the middle of who knows where, and dump the two ponies. Causing them to need to go to great lengths to get back home.



World Map:



The world will be a lot bigger than it is in the show. Instead of being a 2 hour train ride from Ponyville to Canterlot, it would be 2 days. Because of such travel time, the trains are more equipped for everyday life.


Trains do not cross borders.


Actually, i would just prefer trains wouldn't be used to get back home.


The dump location can be discussed.


Rules are normal site rules. 


I would like for you to know proper punctuation and grammar before roleplaying with me. I will not accept lots of large spelling errors. One or two errors here and there are fine, but when it just gets hard to read its gone too far.

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