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Searching Our OCs on Earth

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School the one thing every teen hates, well when two teen's, Andrew and Caelan(me) OCs gets teleported to Earth things get chaotic even before Discord gets teleported to Earth too. After learning a fate which almost killed them they now live a life in Grantham, NC, which is hard when after a huge fight with an evil version of Caelan's OC everyone now knows about the OCs and Discord, but something isn't right. Reports are coming in that more and more OCs are popping up.


Something is bringing other OCs here, four more problems for Caelan, Night, Andrew, Seth, and Discord.


This RP follows after the events in http://www.fimfiction.net/story/150051/my-oc-in-my-world and this http://www.fimfiction.net/story/151845/oc-overdose (Both still WIP)


Rules: 1: Must have an OC. Pony or not

2:NO killing!

3: No controlling other people/OCs

4: English

5: Little cursing is fine, just don't take it overboard  

6: One OC.

7: Alicorns are ok, just no OP or Mary sue


For the Humans




Age(At least High school)

Oc page:




1: Caelan and Night

2: Andrew and Seth

3: Erravi Torres and Blacklight 

4: Lonewolf1735 and casual connor




Here is the RP: http://mlpforums.com/topic/87948-our-ocs-on-earth/

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