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S04:E14 - Filli Vanilli

S04:E14 - Filli Vanilli  

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Pinkie Pie beat Big Mac in a turkey call competition. That's amazing. 

Also, is there nobody else in town who could fill Big Mac's part? 

Anyway, I've been really harsh on this one, and I think that was mostly borne out of frustration for where Fluttershy was at this point. It's yet another episode about Fluttershy being afraid of something. But while I still wish the show hadn't mined this same territory this often, this time around I had a much easier time seeing that this is actually a particularly good version of the "Fluttershy is afraid" plotline. The stage fright conceit does a really nice job of balancing Fluttershy's anxiety with other emotions: she genuinely loves singing, and might like to sing in front of a crowd some day, but she's just not ready for the actual limelight - she's afraid to take the responsibility of putting herself out there to be recognized. The way this episode ends, with Fluttershy making progress towards that goal and even suggesting she'll get there one day, is a particularly nuanced and mature take on the usual Fluttershy themes, even if it's very similar to lessons Fluttershy has learned in past episodes. I've always found this one immensely charming, so I'm really happy I was able to see through the kinda rote premise this time around.

Entertainment: 9/10
Characters: 7/10
Themes: 8/10
Story: 7/10
Overall: 78/100

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This feels like a poor man's "Hurricane Fluttershy" in a lot of ways. They both even have a freak out bit where Fluttershy imagines a bunch of eyes staring at her. The Fluttershy story was still handled well, but what makes me enjoy this episode isn't Fluttershy, it's mostly Rarity. I think this is Rarity's best portrayal in all of season 4. Her part in cheering up Fluttershy at the end is her crowning moment of the season for me. Obviously the only thing that holds this episode back is Pinkie. I like the turkey call competition, but everything else that came out of her mouth was really annoying. She went past comic relief to ruining any dramatic tension the scene once had. Still, that's not enough to ruin the episode for me.

Score: 7/10

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Great Fluttershy episode I love seeing the return of fluttersguy. I also love how Fluttershy received great character development as she was afraid of Singing in front of everypony and needed the confidence and courage to be able to perform in front of everypony Fluttershy singing was great the story was great the jokes were funny Rarity was great pinkie was probably the worst in this episode thou as she kept trying to upset Fluttershy through out the whole episode overall Great episode not the best of episode of season 4 but it’s still pretty up there for me. 

Score:  7/10

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