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S04:E14 - Filli Vanilli

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S04:E14 - Filli Vanilli  

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Return of Flutterguy?  ALL MY YESSSSS!!!!!!!!  B)


I friggin' love barbershop quartet music, so the music in this episode pleases me very much.  Definitely one of the catchiest tunes we've seen on the show in awhile.  :D

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Holy hell, Applejack! Are you psychic or something?!


Pinkie Pie: Did I break your Fluttershy?

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Okay... Amazing. Episode. 


Seriously. It has feels... it has everything... god. I love this episode... ;.;

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Well that episode was FARRRRR better than I expected it would be, even though it even covered retread ground for Fluttershy (albeit in a new fashion, kinda similar to how "Hurricane Fluttershy" did the same thing back in Season 2).


Also, I'm pretty sure that's the closest Pinkie Pie will ever come to being an episode antagonist.  I can't tell you how many times I yelled "DANG IT PINKIE!!!"  :angry:  at the screen.


Review forthcoming everypony.  :)

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What the heck did they do with Pinkie Pie in this episode? lol. Not that it wasn't entertaining, but she was so mean! They even went so far as to imply (heavily) that she sabotaged Big Mac in some way to win that turkey competition. o.O

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Now this folks....this is how you do a Fluttershy episode!


Everything was just great about this!


  • You got Big Mac singing (which was great.)
  • You have a problem that almost everyone has (stagefright) and a reason to get over it.
  • You have Fluttershy (which makes every episode just fantastic) getting over her fear.
  • That little excited filly was just adorable. We need her back.
  • And Fluttershy's fear is not fully resolved. It's resolved around her friends, but not everyone else, and that's a great way to finish out an episode. Leave them wanting more.

One thing I do complain about though it Pinkie. She's to...over the place, and should learn to keep her mouth shut sometimes. Just saying.


Again, great episode! 10/10 for sure.


Again, great episode!

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Well, here comes all of the Fluttermac


Also, I really didn't mind Pinkie this episode.

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Ahhhh, finally starting to like pony again. :D This episode had some flaws, like every episode, though. Such as that reverse exposition dump AJ delivered... Although that was kinda funny. :P


Still, I enjoyed the episode despite its flaws. :3


EDIT: Wait, was that tiny flying "pony" just a pegasus that can fly really well? I assumed it was a breezy... xD

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I'm somewhere between I liked it and I loved it. And I can't decide XD I guess I just have to wait and watch it once again. Anyway, it was really nice episode. The pacing was good, Fluttershy was adorable and I was stunned, when Applejack figured it out within a few seconds! I loved how supportive Fluttershy's friends were, it was nice to watch, how badly they wanted to help her overcome her fears. 

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