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How come fans defend Applejack more in Bats! than Rarity in Rarity Takes Mane...


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I don't defend Applejack, she didn't listen to Fluttershy who told her that bats are useful for her apples. Like, her granny couldn't tell her the same thing.

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On 2014-02-15 at 11:01 PM, Scootadress said:

Its a stupid question, but when I talk to people at school who ARE MLP fans, they typically defended AJ's stance in Bats! and then belittled Rarity's stance in her episode.


Not being bias here, I find that AJ and Rarity were acting the same in both episodes. The situations were different, however. Applejack was afraid for her farm, I get that. However, they defended her when she was clearly being very pushy to her friends in the episode. Like many state, she is one of those ponies that is "aggressive' in driving their point. However, she still was as mean to her friends. 


Rarity was mean to her friends because of her profession like Applejack to her orchard. If it weren't for her outfits and, to a lower degree, the gems she gets by searching everywhere (which can be very dangerous, might I add.)she will lose her own money in the long run. Its the same as AJ's dilemma with the bats. Only difference would be that Rarity was highly annoyed by what happened and took this out on her friends. However, it is quite understandable. Your dresses are bucking stolen. Your fabric taken. You can't get anymore. All this when you need these things the most. On top, her friends didn't actually want to help her either at first. They don't really see why she was in the hissy fit either. Applejack actually comments on that. They were supposed to be there for her, but they weren't exactly. (Wait, in Suited for Success, Fluttershy could sew. Where is this ability now?)


Its not fair how Applejack can be favored in her episode for doing the best she could, but when Rarity is at a loss for what she can do, she's being an instabitch.  

I feel bad to say that but I'm not very surprised. People always saw themself like a created the Earth only for Human kind to do whatever they wanted with it. Most of the time they will see animals like objects with no emotions or real consciousness. They will see them as something good or something bad for them and nothing more. For AJ, they saw the bats like a rock in their shoes. Bats, rats, raccons and every other animals we call "vermins" are just living on our planet because it is as much their planet as it is our.

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Oh, so was I right for saying Applejack was a jerk for yelling at Fluttershy that the bats needed to leave? Like, geez, why is she such a crab-apple in this episode? Fluttershy was correct all along, I know they made Applejack not listen so the Flutterbat thing would occur, but it still urks me about how rude Apple-jerk is in this episode. (Also I love how in the song "Stop the Bats" when it close ups on everypony's face, the only one not angry is Pinkie, but seconds later she's got a scowl on her face.)  

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