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Here it is! my favourite alicorn (and oc)! of my dear and great great amazing and umbelivable Lighting Bliss!, i know i know.. she is supposed to be cute and thing.. but that's how i roll :( sorry!!!

(tired of making those gifs.. if you want the steps just ask, also, thisis the 4th OC in my 7 ocs list, next will be Skilar!)


added the gif with some steps




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Hehe awesome work pal, you're really the best friend ever *hugs*. I'm certain she likes it. I hope just as much as I loved the NightStrike one :)


Just wanted to say how amazing it is you do all this, friend *cuddles* you have my full support. If there's anything just ask.


BTW I loved the gifs but if it's too much work it's all right friend.


You're the best pal!! I love the drawing!!

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aw thank you all guys! but it is nothing special... :/


and for the gif.. i will do it tomorow if i have time.. got an exam and parents are angry at me XD 3 days on computer to do this one XD it was the most time consuming one! thank you friend! *hugs*

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INCREDIBLE!!! I am wowed by your art, as always. How could you have the patience to draw all those intricate armor lines?? My drawings usually take about five minutes max...XD

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