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Commander Frost

Banner I made. Feedback plz.

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So I made this banner after seing the newest episode, Filli Vanille (I think LOL), and I would like feedback.


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I love it! :D


Although, Fluttershy is a little pixely. Just a suggestion to fix that... :P

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When you create a banner you need to think about where the banner is placed and what surrounds it. If you look at MLP Forums at the moment with the newest theme, there is nothing on the sides or on top of where the banner is going to be placed.


Now if you look at your image to the left, the yellow plants are growing into the banner's area, but if the banner is placed on top of the site, it will look like the plants are floating in the air, and with the background it will look like there are some random yellow things floating in the air.


Fluttershy seems to be very pixly. Try to use a larger image of higher quality and be sure to resize it properly.


Try to change the color of the text a tiny bit to it matches up with the color of Fluttershy a bit more.


Also, your banner looks a little bit... Empty.


However I must say that I like the idea with the plants growing up like that (=

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