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Trekkie marries a Brony, is this the End? (Joking)

Lightning Bliss

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This is a joke topic but in all truth to this.


The Trekkie is in fact my husband, it is I who is the Brony! Is this such an odd event to have happen? I don't think it is considering my husband, who plays Stary Trek Online an MMO game, tells me he runs into all sorts of fleets or clans, that either go by the pony names of MLP FIM or even Legends of Equestria.


He respects my love and joy for the MLP fandom, but he's not into my fandom the way I am. I like the Star Trek fandom entertaniment wise, but I'd never get into its video games or other values of the franchise, I LIKE the franchise only, more less this is how he feels for MLP. I will watch a Star Trek show every night with him and he watches the newest episode of MLP when it comes out.


Its a well balanced relationship, though sadly he completely rejects the idea of going to a Brony Fair with me this year simply because he says "I wouldn't fit in, I'm not a fan like you are". Yet I'd be willing to go to a comicon with him this year, especially since William Shatner will be there!


To be fair I've always wanted to go to a comicon so that there is no indifferences here, he just doesn't like the idea of going to a bronyfair.


Is this the end ponies? My husband is a Trekkie?



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Sometimes having disparate interests can be an issue for a couple.  But I can tell it's a minor issue for you two because you respect each others Trekkie and Bronyness.  :) 


For what it's worth, I saw a lot of couples at Bronycon and you can bet some of them just being a good sport and tagging along.  But if there's anything short of a John de Lancie appearance that could prompt your husband to go with you I couldn't say.  :/ 

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Hmmmm, I'm a Trekkie myself and I'm happy for you. But Mr. Spock's calculations and examinations confirm that the marraige of two seperate fandoms will vaporize the majority of Federation Space. He believes it is total logic!...


Spock! Get your shit together and support the marraige of two seperate fandoms! Or you'll be demoted to Janitor!


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Did your husband happen to go through a koon-ut-kal-if-fee to win your hoof in marriage? :P

*ROFL* You know I had to get him to translate what that meant? After he told me, he then quoted "No I did not have to do that" *Squee* lol!


Although he did have to go through alot of emotional obstacles to summon the courage to tell me how he felt about me. Yes he took the first step on that.


However what brought us together wasn't exactly our seperation in fandoms, but in one we both loved as equals, which was Aliens (Xenomorphs). He loved my spirit in playing as an alien drone in Aliens vs. Predator 2 etc etc and he basically did a serious of courting without my knowing for a whole year before finally laying all his cards on the table and telling me his true feelings for me.


He had always been a Trekkie though, since he was 6yrs old, though I argue that I was a brony fan long before him, at 5yrs old LOL.

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