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  1. 1. What Gen 1 Villian Would You Like to see Most?

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Well, half of the characters on your list have either shown up or have basically been confirmed for an appearance. I've been pretty satisfied with the ones that have been reintroduced so far, particularly Tirek. I expect Grogar to be a formidable foe, though he may be reimagined in a completely different manner like the Smooze was from G1 so I won't make any calls just yet.

The others like Arabus/Zeb and Squirk/Crank are pretty forgettable. They kind of fall short in the context of the current generation where a bit more is expected from the antagonists than sheer power hunger and belligerence. Tirek worked because hes also highly manipulative and has a vengeance motive. But we've had much better original villains from this generation with the likes of Discord and Chrysalis. Although Lavan was pretty comical in his musical number about power.

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