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@What?, @You, @Her, @Sherbert, @Them, @Twisted Cyclone, @Lil'Cinnamon @Trotteur Sauvage, @Him, @Regal Shadow and @Everyone are the people I'm closest to here on the forums, but I love all of you!  And

A freak accident that involved a mad scientist and creamed corn.   The Earth is being invaded by aliens, what do you do?

I can’t pick, I can’tt! @Me. @Kyoshi @Alexshy @Trotteur Sauvage @Hierok @You @What? @Califorum @TempestShadow, @Them @The_Gobo you, AND MORE. same

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I'd have a Yamoto battleship and call it "Richard".


Would you prefer a fighter jet or a tank, and why?

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There was this ship that used to exist that was really cool. I can't remember the name. It said that the ship was really strong. I'll name it, Hali. Or Midnight.



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Fart glitter... think of all the arts and crafts projects I could help!


Would you rather eat a large tin bucket of ice cream or drink one shot glass of a really vile tasting, but not poisonous liquid?

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I have yet to play Undertale but I've seen some of the characters and I would choose Papyrus. He's just so goofy!



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A cute little Australian Shepard by the name of Stella. But she's been very naughty lately.


Have any cats?


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Yes, I have a black and white one :)


Have you ever considered you may be taking life too seriously?

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Nope. Just for fun. Heck, I don't even have favorite Pokemon based on how useful or strong they are. I just like Pokemon whose personalities, appearance, and overall qualities appeal to me. (Snivy, Helioptile, and Gliscor are my top 3 favorite).


What was your first video game that you remember playing?

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