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A freak accident that involved a mad scientist and creamed corn.   The Earth is being invaded by aliens, what do you do?

@What?, @You, @Her, @Sherbert, @Them, @Twisted Cyclone, @Lil'Cinnamon @Trotteur Sauvage, @Him, @Regal Shadow and @Everyone are the people I'm closest to here on the forums, but I love all of you!  And

I can’t pick, I can’tt! @Me. @Kyoshi @Alexshy @Trotteur Sauvage @Hierok @You @What? @Califorum @TempestShadow, @Them @The_Gobo you, AND MORE. same

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south its winter bro..wait no dam you global warming

where do birds fly to now?

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11 minutes ago, The_Gobo said:

Birds go nowhere, only in circles.
Around you.



How do you stop them from destroying you?


rodents and serpents dig, other birds fly, and predators have nothing to worry about... a bird itching to eat a groundhog is just as over ambitious as a fish prepared to fly

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For me, still doing the same thing, nothing epic or anything, just here at home surfing the net, watching streaming videos and such. Also, collecting more gunpla kits, obviously.:D

What she asked.

3 hours ago, Kiri said:

How do you imagine your life will be ten years from now? 


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still living under my parent's roof.

how do imagine your life will be 1000 years from now? 


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Swimming amongst the cosmic microwave background radiation 


what is the best thing about hospitals 

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