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Who is the Best pony  

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  1. 1. Favorite Main Pony

  2. 2. Favorite Secondary Character

  3. 3. Favorite Tertiary Background Character

  4. 4. Favorite Student Six Character

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Who's your favourite pony from the show and why? Mine's Twilight Sparkle, because I feel I can connect with her very well. She's the brainiac of her group, and is always trying to find a scientific ex

Man wheres the Rarity love.

I'm my favorite pony, silly!  

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I was born a Pinkie man! :) I've always been the oddball among my friends who does the "randomest" things. If you showed them an episode, they'd associate her with me. I'm sure of it.


Favorite CMC: Sweetie Bell

Background Ponies

Earth: Berry Punch

Pegasus: Derpy. Was there ever any doubt? :P

Unicorn: Vinyl Scratch/DJ PON-3!!! B)

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I'm surprised and saddened by the lack of Trixie in this thread. The Great and Powerful Trixie should not be second rate!


What a smug, insufferable little beast. I can relate. I figure the whole relating-to-Trixie thing is why I like her so much.

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Eh, I don't do favorites. Rairty would be my least favorite, and even then she doesn't fall into the "I don't like her" category. She's just not my type. Nothing against her, wouldn't mind talking to her, but I wouldn't seek her out, you know?I'


m considering saying Discord is the Best Pony, but her really slipped up at the end. I mean REALLY. Otherwise he was okay.

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Ouch, I feel very alone saying Applejack. But it's her. When I first began watching, it was Fluttershy for being so darn adorable, but with time, Applejack kind of wormed her way into my heart. She's got the perfect balance between being strong and proud, but also taking each situation into consideration and acting on that. Only wanting to be too dependable is what gets her down. She's just all the things I value the highest, it's almost ridiculous how well she fits my view of a decent person, er, pony. She's just that good.


Also, I got her as my first G4-toy, which was just yersterday, so it's a given. :wub:

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