What Is Your Inspirational Fictional Character?

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Aside from obviously the Mane Six who inspired me to seek and cultivate relationships and partly fostered my creativity, recently there's Father Brown of the eponymous book series by G.K. Chesterton and the tv adaptation. He really is a vision of a devout Catholic, equal parts intelligent and loving. He's actually inspired me to seriously consider the Priesthood.

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I think Sonic inspired me a lot. Besides the fact that's he's fast and likes to brag sometimes, he is also caring and an friend to all of his friends and family.

Plus, he's fast and that motivates me with my running.B)

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I already made a comment here but I want to add one particular inspirational fictional character. ALL MIGHT!


Of all of the anime characters even comic characters I've known, All might is the number one character who is very inspirational! (aside from Captain America and Batman)  His ideals about  being a hero and doing the right thing is just as good as Capt. America. But something about All Might is quite different from Capt. America that makes him unique. And that is his optimistic attitude! I know he just a character but I always feel happy or hopeful whenever he appears on the episode. He's the greatest hero (fictional-wise)!

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While most of the fictional characters I grew up with aren't quite worthy of being revered (unless you wanted me to be a daikaiju rampaging through cities), or at the very least, did not resonate with me very deeply, there is one exception which only recently appeared for me. I believe it goes without saying, but I refer to Rarity. :mlp_proud:

To summarize, I have lived a rather unconventional life thus far, largely due to being homeschooled. While this does offer quite a lot of freedom, it also opens the floodgates to lethargy and apathy, due to the fact that you can afford to procrastinate and create your own schedule. Being the ever-angsty teenager that I was, this ultimately resulted in me being terribly lazy, asocial, risk-averse, and overall far too comfortable with my life. It was acute, but I had noticed something inside me was yearning for something greater.... but since inaction is easy, I ultimately decided to chose that path for quite a while.

This continued for quite a while... until I was finally integrated into the MLP fandom, when I was finally introduced to the Mane 6, and to a further extent, Rarity. For some curious reason, Rarity resonated with me on a level that most other fictional characters simply could not. She was elegant and sophisticated, had high standards for herself and her appearance, and had an attentive and dedicated, yet charming and independent personality. Little did I know, she was the very incarnation of what I silently yearned to be for so long. Once this had finally dawned on me... I knew that it was time to change my life.

Ever since then, my diet has improved, I am paying greater attention to my physical appearance, I am embracing a more optimistic perspective, my habits are changing for the better, and I finally feel as if my future is bright, should I continue down this path. I recall longing for the future quite a lot when I was an adolescent... and I feel as though that future is very soon, all thanks to my efforts.

Overall, I have never been one to latch on to fictional characters; I understood their place, and certainly appreciate many of them to this day, but I virtually never saw them as anything more than what they are. Rarity is one of the few exceptions to this rule, and as sappy and outright tacky is it may sound... she is likely the driving force of many improvements in my life.

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Iroh and Zuko all the way man. Just by listening to Iroh's sayings, I can find every solution and come to rest. ^_^



download (1).jpeg

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Cheesy... :3

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