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Fan Fiction Lavender's Story, A MLP Fanfic

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Part 1:


Lavender's Story, A MLP Fanfic


It was a starry night in Equestria as the residents of Ponyville hurriedly gathered in Town Square. Concerned murmurs rippled through the crowd as a shining carriage toted by gold clad colts swept into the Square. A pearl white Alicorn with a billowing mane stepped out of the carriage and stepped towards the crowd, a regal air in her stride.

"Citizens of Ponyville, I have come to enlighten you on a... Peculiar situation."

Upon hearing this, question after question was fired at the stunning alicorn: "What happened?" "Was it Discord again?" "What's going on?"

Mayor Mare replaced the pony at the podium, and tried to calm the raving ponies. "Ponies, Ponies! Princess Celestia will know what to do... Right?" the princess stepped up and spoke into the microphone. "Actually, that is what I came to tell everypony. Here's the thing: my sister, Princess Luna, has become ill with an unknown sickness. We tried everything we could, but no luck. I have come to seek out aid from my student, Twilight Sparkle. Has anypony seen her?" Conversation erupted among those in the mass. No one had seen Twilight Sparkle.

At this precise moment, Spike was running through the streets of Ponyville, tripping over saddles and potted plants. He was panting hard and sweating like mad when he arrived at the edge of the Square. Upon entering the scene, he heard fragments of the quiet whispers of the ponies: "How can... Missing" "...Twilight... Gone!"

When he got close enough to the Princess, he shouted his recent discovery. "Twilight is sick! She won't wake up!"

The princess's eyes widened In shock upon hearing this. She responded "She won't wake up?! May you please take me to her?"

After close examination, Princess Celestia concluded that Twilight was in the same condition as her sister. Those present at Twilight's diagnosis were devastated. Applejack and Rainbowdash left to find Zecora, Pinkie Pie suggested throwing a loud party to wake up Twilight, Fluttershy kneeled beside her and refused to leave, and Rarity and Celestia were left to ponder the strange illness. Rarity toyed with the possibility of it being transferred

by some sort of filth or grime, but Celestia disproved that theory. When Zecora enterred, no explanation was needed for why she was summoned. In an instant the medic zebra was at Twilight's side checking for a pulse and breathing.

After this, she told Rarity and Princess Celestia her conclusion. "There is no need to cry and weep, Twilight Sparkle is merely asleep. Even though I could be wrong, I am sure her slumber will be very long."

Her revelation echoed across the room, registering immediately with the young unicorn. "So Twilight is in a coma? Can't you heal her?" Rarity asked her. Zecora replied in verse. "This sickness is very new, there is nothing I can do." This shocked Rarity. 'How can we heal Twilight without a cure?' she thought. She didn't hesitate to ask either. No reply from Zecora, just a slight shake of her head and the swish of her hood being pulled on, and she left. Fluttershy, who had not budged from Twilight's side, acknowledged the whole scene and silently wept. Her tears streaking down her face and landing on Twilight's flank. As they made contact, they sizzled with a hiss and disappeared. With each tear Twilight's heartbeat got faster, to the point where it was beating at a normal rate. After fifteen minutes, word had spread and a crowd had developed in Twilight's house of her friends and acquaintances. One pony in particular had a good idea of what was going on. She had recognized the symptoms exhibited by Twilight and decided to alert Princess Celestia.

Princess Celestia was laying on a bed in her motel room, which was generously given to her free if charge. She had fled Twilight's house after realizing that neither Twilight Sparkle or her sister could be awoken. She was wondering what would happen to both of them if they didn't receive help. She decided thoughts like that were a bad omen an unhealthy and pushed them out of her head. She heard someone rapping at her door, so she answered the door for the unexpected knocker. It was a lavender shaded pegasus with dark purple hair that covered most of her left eye. Her visible eye was a shade of maroon comparable to velvet. She bowed when the door was opened and the princess saw her. When her bow was acknowledged, she stood slowly and spoke, a nervous stutter in her soft voice. " Hello P...Princess Celestia. I... I think I know w...what's going on, if y...you are i...interested." Celestia gave her permission to continue. "W...well I n...noticed these effects were s...symptoms of spontaneous s...sickness. The effects the illness has is w...what us needed to cure the v...victim." Celestia understood that this pony knew what she was talking about and asked her to continue. "This s...sickness has caused sorrow. The c...cure is what cures the effect. Crying. C...rying heals sorrow. Tears must be introduced to the v...victim." Celestia was about to ask the pony something, but stopped mid-sentence and remembered back to the scene in Twilight's house. Fluttershy was crying. If some of those tears had touched Twilight...

"What is your name?" Celestia questioned. "L...Lavendershine."

The princess nodded. "Lavendershine, come with me." "Y...yes Princess."

The crowd had dispersed from Twilight's house, unable to stay awake any longer. Getting through the few ponies leaving the scene was easy. Upon entering, Celestia realized that Fluttershy was still at Twilight's side, but she was asleep. Celestia could clearly see that Fluttershy's face showed signs of crying. She knelt down beside Twilight and listened to her breathing. It was faster than it was when she had last checked, after Zecora had left. Her heartbeat was that of a sleeping pony, instead of that of a hibernating animal. Celestia decided to test Lavendershine's theory. She prayed silently that this would work. She shook Twilight lightly. "Twilight. Twilight, wake up." No reaction. Celestia tried again. Again, no reaction. Celestia feared this wouldn't work. She tried again, pleading the sleeping unicorn to awaken. No such luck. Lavendershine watched from behind Celestia, hoping it would work. It had to, she thought, for she had learned how to heal ponies from the medic at her old home. Before confronting the princess , she had witnessed Fluttershy crying next to the sleeping Twilight from outside of her home.

Celestia was weeping now, for she was sure it wouldn't work and she couldn't heal Luna or Twilight Sparkle. She realized what she was doing seconds after. She was crying. She watched her last shed tear drip onto Twilight's flank and disappear. She cautiously shook Twilight lightly, trying to be as careful as possible. Twilight groaned softly, slowly turning her head. Her eyes fluttered open. Celestia's heart leaped. Lavendershine's theory had worked! Celestia stood up and hugged Lavendershine and thanked her. Lavendershine was taken by surprise: She hadn't expected this reaction. Twilight's first view after waking was a sleeping Fluttershy, a tired Spike, a beaming Celestia, and a pony she didn't recognize. Celestia was the first to respond. "Twilight! Your awake! I was worried you and Luna couldn't be saved!" Twilight Sparkle was confused. How long had she been out? She voiced her thought and Spike replied. "You were asleep for a whole week!" Twilight was still blurry on the whole situation, and her facial expression showed it. Spike elaborated. "I ran errands while you slept, at first I thought you pulled an all-nighter and slept alot after. But then I realized you were in the same place for a whole week, just sleeping, so I looked for help." Twilight soaked this in and glanced at Celestia for a confirmation. Celestia nodded, and explained that Princess Luna had the same illness. Twilight asked why Celestia isn't helping Luna right then. Celestia replied that she stayed to see if she would be okay. Twilight took this in and nodded. She got up slowly, avoiding waking Fluttershy and the now asleep Spike.

"Now let's go wake up your sister." Twilight said with a yawn and a stretch. The ride was short, the colts working harder than usual, as if they knew the importance of their destination.

By the time they arrived at Celestia's Palace, Twilight had fully awoken and was peppering Celestia with questions to help her understand the events that had transpired. Lavendershine was silent the whole ride. When they arrived, Celestia bounded out of the carriage before it halted, and Twilight Sparkle was not far behind. Lavendershine waited until the carriage came to a complete halt before she got out and softly said to the carriage carriers "Thanks you guys." and trotted after Twilight and Celestia. Celestia didn't stop to let the palace guards open the doors for her, she breezed by and swung the main doors open wide to let in Twilight Sparkle and Lavendershine. She almost literally flew up the stairs towards Princess Luna's room, her wings shaking slightly as she ascended the steps. Lavendershine couldn't believe she was being admtted into the Princesses' Palace, no one besides those close to the Princesses was ever allowed in. She didn't hurry after Twilight Sparkle, who was zooming along after Celestia, she slowed her stride every now and then to marvel at the tapestries, pillars, and statues. When Lavendershine had finally caught up to Twilight Sparkle and Princess Celestia, who were now standing beside the sleeping Princess Luna, who looked very sickly. Princess Celestia couldn't believe how different Princess Luna looked since she had left, her skin was pale, her breathing slower than usual, and she didn't move.


Questions, Comments, Criticism?

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:o There's no end =( lol, that's pretty good :)

I just realized it said Part 1 at the beginning, lol =P

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