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Dislestia and Fluttercord debate

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My headcanon states that Discord used to be in love with Celestia, but after something happened between the two of them, maybe Celestia treated him like a monster or Discord moved to fast or both, Discord snapped. He became the creature of chaos we all used to know and love to hate.


But then, Discord met Fluttershy. To this day, I believe that, what started as simply friendship, at least for Discord, has sprouted into something more. Discord is still fighting inside himself whether he should do something with is feelings or not. He doesn't want to ruin his friendship with Fluttershy. Whether or not Fluttershy returns his feelings is up to your headcanon.




So in short, I ship both shippings, just at different times.

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By now it should be to everyone obvious which ship is likely to be happen...   Just in case you don't get it:   Flowers were an apology (Word of God!). Two comics with Fluttershy and Discord (Upc

I support Dislestia as a past relationship, but not a present one. I think it'd be a fun explanation for a lot of Discord and Celestia's interactions. At this point, however, I don't think a stable re

I've been a Fluttercord shipper since before he was reformed and also was a Dispie shipper. I was thrilled that Fluttershy was chosen to help reform him. Now, I only ship Fluttercord, but have given u

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I've been a Fluttercord shipper since before he was reformed and also was a Dispie shipper. I was thrilled that Fluttershy was chosen to help reform him. Now, I only ship Fluttercord, but have given up my Dispie ship. 

My least favorite ship is Dislestia and Fluttermac. Mostly because I think Big Mac is a really boring character, and also, because I think Celestia is a little boring too. She seems to much like a disapproving teacher or mother than a potential romantic partner. I like Celestia, but I don't like her shipped with Discord.

I think with Discords awesome level of crazy, only a really patient, kind and consistent pony would be able to put up with him. He feeds off annoyance and reactions, and Celestia really gets angry and ticked with him, which I think just feeds the troll that is Discord. I think if he were shipped with any other pony, he'd irritate the hell out of them. Only Saint Fluttershy with her Buddha like patience would be able to be able to handle him. Also, All the other ponies already don't see Discord as worthy of being forgiven, even if they are friends with him, they still always have that distrust in the back of their minds. Only Fluttershy is capable of true forgiveness, as demonstrated in the last episode where she really, truly was surprised when Discord betrayed them. Indicating that she really had forgiven him and didn't have distrust in her heart. 

Also, since Celestia is an authority figure, and Discord is basically anarchy personified, he'd never be able to accept being involved with someone that lords over him and tells him what to do.

So yeah, I'm a Fluttercord shipper, it's my OTP. 

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I used to think that Dislestia made more sense, but Keep calm and flutter on totally blew it out of the water. Fluttercord has grown perfectly over the past season, and during the season finale discord admitted that he liked flutters :squee:  I hope they have a fluttercord shipping episode :wub:

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I support Dislestia as a past relationship, but not a present one. I think it'd be a fun explanation for a lot of Discord and Celestia's interactions. At this point, however, I don't think a stable relationship between the two would ever be possible.


Fluttercord, though? Praise be to Celestia, this ship has sailed as my official OTP as of the S4 finale. I didn't ship it at first, and just found Discord's inability to convert Fluttershy to be funny, but then season 3 rolled around with "Keep Calm and Flutter On" and found it cheesy, but cute. Honestly I didn't really start shipping it until season 4, since Discord showed up a lot more, but the premieres, "Three's a Crowd" and the finale all displayed their chemistry really well and wow, what dorks. They're adorable :wub:

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I really like fluttercord. And lately a lot of people have hated on me for that but I have a reason that not a lot of people really see, or at least I think they don't see. 


Fluttershy and Discord are definitely opposites attract. Even if Flutters wasn't the element of kindness or an element period they would still be totally different. But, about what I said before about why I ship them is because of how Fluttershy didn't take her friendship with Discord for granted. True, she wouldn't do that to anypony, but how she did things like have tea with him and write him letters to make the bond stronger. Usually, when a friend is assigned to you in that way, like from a guidance councler at school you don't really work as hard to make their connection with you stronger. 


I don't really see Discord and Celestia together because of what he did to her and the fact that in MY eyes it sorta sees like Luna, Celestia, and Discord are siblings. Discord as the middle child, Celestia as the (slightly) demanding older sister, then Luna as the pushed back a bit sister who really doesn't get into the other siblings conflict. 


Flowers. Thoughs flowers were a match that started a wildfire of shipping wars. But seriously, why did everyone think Discord and celestia were canon? My little cousin who is SIX knew it was an apology! Not just because i like fluttercord but the reasons Fluttercord could become canon are stronger than dislestia, especially in the season 4 finally. 


The thing that I am NOT excited about in season 5 is that pinkie or rainbow my get a COLTFRIEND :eww:  :huh:  :angry:

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STOP IT HASBRO! STOP MEGAN MCARTHY (i didn't spell that right did I?) STOP THEM LAUREN FAUST!!! If this happens....so long CheesePie and SoarinDash.... your time is u- No its not! We still have the fanfics! Anyway, Ciao!  ;)

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Fluttercord is Love

Fluttercord is Life

jk... not really its fluffy and amazing :wub:


If Discord and Celestia had any kind of chemestry she would not of made him her own personal garden gnome for a thousand years and then look at him like something she found at the bottom of her royal hoof when he got free. And for those "Well they are both old so they fit" people, Tia is still an embryo in comparison to Discords lifespan of EONS, as in BILLIONS of years. To him they all fade in the blink of an eye, he just tries to have as much fun as he can before the lid closes and opens once again. Even the head writer Megen said Dislestia was not going to be a thing.


DiscoPie.... I honestly do not understand how people ship this. Pinkie would be down with it obviously but she needs to watch that move "He's just not that into you" and stat. I mean whenever they share a shot he finds any exuse to make her go away, he ports away when she hugs him and he clearly gets visably annoyed just in her presense. Pinkie is to Discord what Discord is to Tia, a nuisance, but at least discord is useful enough for Celest to see if she can get some use out of his power. Pinkie is one of my fave characters so I cannot ship her with someone that so openly dislikes her


Then we have Flutters. These two have chemestry out the flank I tell ya. Both socially inept they found their own ways of handling the world they do not fully understand. Flutters dispite her progress is still more comfortable around manticores, Cerberus, and Minotaurs over the usual pony. Sure she gets on with the mane six fine but even the way she deals with them has been forced. Discord needs Flutters to reign him in with tough love and kindness, something he never got from Sun Butt and could not get from Baloon Butt. He outright says the ONLY REASON HE EVEN HUMORS THE PONIES IS BECAUSE HE LIKES FLUTTERSHY. He is so blatant with his infatuation you can hardly rationalize it as anything else. Flutters on the other hand needs to have some chaos shake up her introverted nature. She is stronger and calmer dealing with Discord then she has been with anypony else. These two are effing ment to be, even if they just chill with eachother sipping tea and indulging in flutters wilder side for the rest of their time together I would be happy

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By now it should be to everyone obvious which ship is likely to be happen...


Just in case you don't get it:


Flowers were an apology (Word of God!).

Two comics with Fluttershy and Discord (Upcoming one is supposed to have a ship tease!).

The journal of the two sisters (No Discord in their past and book is canon!).

John De Lance wanting more Fluttershy/Discord scenes (The chaos spirit has spoken!).

Meghan Mcarthey apparently shipping it or at least loving it.

Celestia X Discord being a thing suprised M.A. Larson and some other staff members (They never thought or implied of them being a couple!).

The show itself (Comape all the Fluttershy/Discord moments to the Celestia/Discord moments).

Rumored Fluttercord episode in S5.



Honestly, you must be either really fanatical and be in extreme denial or totally blind if you see any other possible pairing besides Fluttercord.

While i highly doubt that it will ever become a full-blown romance, it could however become the next sparity. Discord really liking flutters but she seeing him only as very close friend.

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Fluttercord is my ship. I chose it due to the build up they have together the cute way he absolutely worships her he's all over everything on her. They make it kind of obvious he has ATLEAST a small crush on her. I've seen alot of friends have that as well. Hell the way he looks at her all the time and ever her. overall it's a cute but very plausible sensable ship. It's very teased to. but I also love it due to the "beauty and the beast" complex as well and with them they are opposites to but their is also balance there as well because she rations him out and makes him feel so much better about himself and IF it was allowed on the show I could see them getting together. He is always looking to be with her everywhere she goes and he HAD make alot of friends since then and still sticks to her like superglue and I find it so cute how he wanted to be her plus 1 they way he is always trying to impress her and talk about how perfect she is plus this ship is so freaking cute shes the small adorable type and him the big chaotic beast even the chaos theory is called commonly the butterfly effect..? =w= I love that besides who wouldn't fall for her she is adorable! and she goes so well with him and after this I became even more of a bigger shipper especially as discordant harmony 

fluttercord huggles.png

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