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i say it off to a good start. i think what would make her feel good if she gets to chase me around very weirdly and then get to strap me in to some sort of "naughty" clothing. (if you get the idea *wink*)


oh that sounds nothing for me. hmm. i would have killed her already but... you need to be an trained assassin to perform those kinds of kills on that powerful people.
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kill? ninja derpy already trained me. but dont worry. i will keep close tabs on her *wink wink*


a ninja is trained in killing when discovered. an assassin is trained to not be discovered until he makes a victim, and he is trained to dissapear.
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How could you be answering questions if you are dead? You obviously cannot live to be 500 years old.


it seems you know to much. you better watch you back tonight


well dont worry. i can only hope that molestia dose not go out of control. (knowing on how crazy she can get molesting people)


she will. believe me.
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