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Movies/TV Sudden Table Turns in Fighting scenes

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So I was just re-watching dragonball z and it came to me, ever notice how when the good guy in the fight is like in total beast mode, annihilating the crap out the enemy, and all of a sudden...the enemy pulls out something that turns the tables and before you know it, the complete opposite is happening? 

A good example of this can be found in the batte between Mystic Gohan and Super Buu.   

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The battle between Gotenks (SSJ3) vs. Super Buu, there have been many battles where the good guy is in total control of the situation where they isolate the enemy, then they pull a trick out of the hat and beat the bad guy. That battle sets a good example of that.

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Putting another little thing, this one's from MLP itself. 


Chrysalis had complete control over everything right up until the real Cadence and Twilight burst through those doors. Then Chrysalis got her flank kicked by love. 

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