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What sport do you like?


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Australian football, our great national game, and I also play it too, been playing it for 6 years now.

Cricket, another national sport which I love so much, I just about go to every boxing day test match that comes round in Melbourne.

Motor racing, mostly V8 Supercars, and even NASCAR, I'm a huge Ford fan, and been so for years now.

Basketball, I recently rekindled an interest for it lately, I even plan on playing it next summer season when NBA kicks off again in the states.

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Many be this off toplic or maybe not right to be here, but it about Sport but not sure it should be here,and maybe should be a blog. As this is about liking sport but give it a say as being used to like some sport.

I used to be into Soccer (football in UK) and bit of Cricket and Rugby (two types Union and League). I do mostly watch, support/being a fan and check the score.result. I'm good at playig much, either not great, bad at trackling (in soccer, trackling mean try get the ball off other player or try stop other player get it off you), not fond being in short. School and Church acitiiy and also once in college, I had many bad memories, yeah in school pick last (when I one to pick they hope they don't get pick by me and do get mad when I pick them well that once), blame/critics for lose/being rubbish, get changed in changing room. That didn;t stop me liking soccer as it big in UK, mostly I just keep to watch/being a fan of a pro team and checking result/score. I do like to kick about with people who will help me out. I was a Manchester United fan and England National Team fan, Manchester United was big during 90s and 2000s but come 2013, Great manager or some called coach/boss, named Sir Alex Ferguson retired then things change Manchester United not the team it was and thing get worse even got bit better it went worst again, there no manager like Sir Alex, seem no manager or players get it right and worse our rivals start doing well specially Manchester City and Liverpool. Manchester City got own by a billionaire and start thinking they next Manchester United/Real Madrid/Barcelona, it annoying. When season 2023/24 comes, Manchester United went worst again even they won a FA Cup, not big one like Premier League or European Cup. Glory wouldn't last but I not really for changed, see team different, and glory will return again but annoyed Manchester City ruin soccer with money and breaking rule and getting away with it. But season 2023/24 begin Manchester United keep losing alot and getting frusrated and depressing that I fed up and lost my love for Soccer and Manchester United, it been upset me too much I can't take, it's me and not use with things, I try to keep away from anything soccer, as it depress me when see anything soccer and Euro 2024 coming it doesn't help. I weird to stop like city of Manchester, it was a great city and in my mind I think Manchester United now it's abou Manchester City as they're in the glory.

  Manchester United has 6 managers/coash since Sir Alex retired in 2013, about to sack our manager even did well in 2022/23 but went downhill in 2023/24, it be forever til they get back glory.

 And as for England, they keep failing to capture the World Cup or Euro Championship since they won World Cup in 1966, and finally made it to final in 2021 final held in Wembley, England, Lost in pentley shoot out (Look in google if do not know), I believe pick the wrong pentley takers and put pressure on young player as manager want make a hero on that young player and get heat on him when he mess up the pentley. I never unnderstand soccer, England invited the game as well as some other sports but keeping failing, it annoying, like invited something and someone took credits for it. I do miss soccer back in the days. It annoying when people critics or judge when I say/think England going to the World Cup never go for other team. And people rather support hometown instead of home country, to me, it's typical.

I do support England in Cricket and Rugby (Union and League, there two type if you don't know) and also fan of Yorkshire County Cricket Club.

I be called glory supporter, not true fan or Not really the fan and I hate these words/labels and these who ever called me that do not know me. I have my way being Manchester United/England/Soccer fan, and not the fan/supporter/person they think I should be. Yes I'm not from Manchester but there not rule on team I should support. I think myself Manchester United/England fan instead of soccer fan as I care for one club and one national team. I just different kind of fan.

I don't do gymnastics and don't watch much of it but but have interests in female gymnasts, and guilty pressure in watching synchronized swimming.


Sorry for this too many writing.

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