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3 hours ago, The Recherche said:

I like to believe that I am rather breathtaking myself.  :mlp_proud:

Sincerely, however... though I do hate to play favorites, I would have to say @Wannabrony and @Captain Clark. Even during the times in which I was inactive on the Forums, these two have been amazing companions throughout the past year or so. :grin:

You're too kind, my dear friend... :rarity: You're one of my favourite people I've met here as well, in fact, you probably are my very best friend online. :twi: And yes, you are indeed rather breathtaking, you gorgeous thing. :D

Some of my other favourite people on the forums are @Rhythm Red, @Vintjack Greasymane, @ultrairongorilla, @Kevin Tang and @bronie4lyphe, although the last one probably doesn't count since I've known him in real life for a really long time. :P You all are awesome people! ^_^

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Me. I barely know anybody else here.

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