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Have any of the characters changed your views?

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Okay- Just wanted to ask you guys,


Have any of the characters in the show changed your perspective views on other people/Changed your point of thinking?


As for me, Here's a list-


Fluttershy's kindness and overall shyness helped me reflect on how kind I was to people, it helped me to understand that kindness is not letting people run over you, that you have to stand up and speak against someones actions without sacrificing any personal respect and being tolerant enough to hear out that person's response and explain things clearly. Fluttershy's shyness actually made me realize how shy I was, and helped me to be more open and responsive to other people.


Nightmare Moon/Princess Luna/ Princess Celestia - Once I understood the reason for the dramatic change to NM, It started to open my mind on how an undisputed lie can turn people into monsters of their own pity and self angush, It taught me how someones anger can increase if they are "losing" some sort of debate and helped me explain things to people in a not so harsh, brash and loud manner. It helped me open my eyes and see both sides of an argument before jumping in, and in most cases, make peace between the two.


Rarity's Selfless manner actually pretty much explained the nature of generosity to me, How I can learn not to hold on to physical items as much as I did.


Applejack's Honesty reminded me of my lying nature, it made me strive to be more honest as it showed me that honesty in all forms is a important role in any kind of relationship.


Twilight Sparkle's Leadership skills and wisdom helped me reflect on how I was using my wisdom, and the dramatic difference between knowledge and wisdom. It helped me to respect my elders and mostly of all, respect wisdom.


Rainbow Dash's Loyalty to her friends taught me that once you make a promise, you must keep it. It taught me that being "cool" and "popular" is not always important if you are treating your friends like crap


"Rainbow Dash,That was Awesome!"


"Awesome?, My friends could have been killed!"


Pinkie Pie's laughter taught me to look at the light of things even if everything around me is dark, Pinkie Pie's laughter taught me to laugh things off, Pinkie pie had such a tragic past, but she found strength in laughter! This helped me even more when I started to get depressed, I simply stopped looking at the dark things and started looking at the light!


There is one more- 


Spike! (Yes, Spike) Spikes genuine helpfulness and servant heart helped me to reflect on myself and become willing again, It helped me to see that helping others pays off at the end.


I just want to thank this whole fandom for the kindness and warmheartedness that somehow revolves around this group, you guys, all of you, are amazing.

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I agree with you.

I think everypony does even if they dont admit it. The characters changed my view of my friends to the point their like family.

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I agree with you, all the ponies have something very important to offer in terms of real life characteristics, and I think that if everyone would take all of the lessons that the show teaches to heart then the world would be a much better place, instead of a place filled with greed, hate, and suffering, we could love tolerate each other and we could all one day live in harmony, no more pain and suffering due to the evils of man. :) 

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