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mega thread What are you thinking?


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I really hope Rarity wins the MLPF March Madness Tourney, but I doubt she will. Bah. I'm going to put up one hell of a fight for the waifu, though :D It'd be great if she wins, though :D

Immediately after I got finished typing that:

No, this is not promotion, this is legitimately what I'm thinking.


After typing that:

I wish they didn't get rid of Nacho Cheese Doritos in the lunchroom :D

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I'm about to...cry. Well, not really... But... I'm a little bit frustrated. My brand new ceiling fan, which was installed not even two days ago, is already randomly turning to the different settings by itself.


Seems like remote controlled fans should be avoided at all costs. -_-

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I'm thinking about what in the world I need to do to be able to play the oboe. I had major issues with one note, and I managed to get one of the oboists in orchestra to help me. I had assumed it was completely me, and not the instrument. But she gave me her instrument, and it played like a dream. I had so much freedom, I fell in love with her instrument. xD


She did something to mine, and it worked just fine when I played it there... I looked around at the instrument to see what it looks like when it's properly put together and had it figured out! And I was so excited... Then I get home and put it together and I fail at it even more... It's like I never figured anything out at all. T.T


I will learn this instrument!

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TAKE THAT YOU JERKS! WOOOO! ... *Ahem* Sorry about that ... ^_^


I feel like posting today. Not sure what threads I'd like to post in though ... I think I'll go take a look around. :)


I wonder if there's an instrumental version of this song I'm listening to (Vertigo by Sonic Breakbeat). I love how it all sounds, but the vocals aren't really my favourite ...

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