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I drew RD and FS.

Chigens and Kay

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Previous drawing: http://mlpforums.com...__fromsearch__1


Sorry about not posting one yesterday, I was very tired from work.


As such, you can have two drawing today!


The first one, supposed to be from Friday, is Rainbow Dash. As per request of my little brother.




Today, Saturday's drawing, is for Super Brony Bolt 64, and his request for Fluttershy.




As usual, feel free to critique and whatnot, I draw them for you guys anyway. ALSO, terribly sorry for bad quality, I don't own a scanner and have to use my PSP camera to upload them...

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That's pretty good, although with RD I think the front right leg could be forward more and somethin about her chin bothers me :/

But still, they look amazing =P :D


Yes her chin does look fat, it makes me laugh.


Rainbow Dash looks awesome, and although it may be her mane, Fluttershy looks like she got skinny :P But besides that, awesome work


Well I used these as reference pictures, I'm trying to draw ponies in different positions so that I can start drawing them without looking.









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