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What would each pony smell like?

Flutter's lover <3

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Rarity smells like roses and love. Like beauty and passion. Like allure and charm...  :wub:


Applejack would probably have the pleasant smell of fresh cut hay... Or maybe just Applepie.  :lol:

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They are cartoons. So they'd smell like a TV or paper. But if they were real, then animal. They'd smell like an animal or the outside.

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Sweetie Belle would have many different smells when going out doing crusader stuff however staying at Rarity's she would smell like perfume because Rarity would make sure she stays really clean.

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Hey there, @ggg-2. There was already a topic for discussing what the ponies would smell like, so I have merged yours into it.


Please search the forums before posting a new topic, just to make sure it doesn't already exist.


Thanks :D

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Pinkie - candy floss or pure sugar

Fluttershy - somewhere between flowers and small animals

Twilight - recently printed books!

Applejack - Apple pie

rainbow dash - not too sure, I guess just whatever she hits while flying

Rarity - probably strong perfume

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Applejack - grass and apple pie


Rarity - fancy perfume


Twilight - old books and dust


Rainbow Dash - rain or dew


Fluttershy - flowers, maybe very delicate perfume


Pinkie Pie - cotton candy

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Well, they are horses, but it has been shown that they do have a lot humanistic qualities- so here we go.


Applejack: I was thinking more the lines of a horse working hard with just a hint of apple cider. It's shown that she doesn't have much of a hygiene, so she must have that sweaty horse odor. I also imagine that with all the work she does with apples, her house and her basement aromas from apple food making must rub off on her as well. (People tend to smell like their house if not their not using any perfumes or deodorants)


Pinkie Pie: She's definitely active, but she spends her time in a candy shop and lives there as well. She'd smell like sweet bubblegum for sure. 


Rainbow Dash: I wouldn't say she'd wear any perfume, but I also wouldn't say she'd be bad smelling either. She spends a lot of time flying, so maybe just a normal horse smell if you discount poop? Perhaps maybe add just a hint of rain clouds...


Fluttershy: Hmm... pet food, or various animals she's around. Probably not strong at all since she has a knowledge of fashion (just leading me assume she knows about makeup and perfume also) If she were to have a nicer scent she wears, I'd say lilacs or freshly cut grass. 


Twilight Sparkle: Old books for sure. I can also count dust or maybe that old antique smell. Her "theme" per se reminds me of old mages, wizards and witches. She seems to care for her appearance, but all that library time doesn't leave leave much other scents to smell.


Rarity: What else than perfume? We've seen her spray it on tons of times before? But what perfume does wear the most? I'd say a nice creamy vanilla, or maybe a mixed flower scent. 

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Well sense Rainbow Dash is an athletic pony she would more than likely smell the part, probably the typical salty smell of sweat. Which I mat or may not have a problem with. ;)

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Applejack would smell like apple and sweat.


Pinkie Pie would smell like baked goods.  


Rainbow Dash might smell like sweat and rain.


Twilight probably smells... clean?  She doesn't really do any physical work, and I doubt she'd use a perfume.  She's not really around anything with smells.  Maybe a dusty book kind of smell.  

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Pinkie Pie would smell like diabetes

Rarity would smell of expensive perfume

Fluttershy would smell of urine

Applejack would smell of sweat

Twilight would smell stale
Rainbow Dash would smell of stress sweat
If they all took a shower they would smell like candy flavored horses  :wub:


ROFL.  Hilarious.  Haven't laughed that hard in awhile.  Thank you!



Well, I know their magical talking ponies, but they're still horses.

They probably smell.. Not good.


Unless they bathe regularly.

I actually love the smell of real horses.


In the Black Jewels Trilogy, author Anne Bishop described Saetan's thoughts on how Jaenelle smelled as "sun drenched meadows and fern shaded pools of water."  I bet that's how Fluttershy smells.

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Rainbow Dash: Probably rain or something, or fresh air, cause she's always flying. :dash:

Applejack: Dirt, anything earthy. Or perhaps she just smells like an irl pony/horse. :mlp_huh:

Pinkie Pie: Cake frosting, probably. :laugh:

Fluttershy: Hmmm...I don't know. Trees maybe? Flowers? Forest smells? :squee:

Twilight: Book horse smells like books. :ticking:

Rarity: Perfume. Lots of nice-smelling perfume. :proud:


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  • Pinkie Pie - she would smell like whatever pie or cake she made that day
  • Rarity - some sort of exotic perfume
  • Fluttershy - natural oatmeal shampoo
  • Rainbow Dash - maybe Mane 'n Tail shampoo. Hopefully not sweaty :laugh:
  • Applejack - same as Rainbow Dash. Hopefully not smelly like a farm animal  :laugh:
  • Twilight - I think she would smell like lavender
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Pinkie Pie - Hasbro fragrance #18
Rainbow Dash - Baby slobber
Fluttershy - Banana
Rarity - Some unknown chemically smell
Twilight - Cigarette lighter
Applejack - liquorice

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Rainbow Dash: Fresh air, clouds

Pinkie Pie: Baked goods, vanilla, frosting

Applejack: The Earth, apples, warmth

Twilight Sparkle: Shampoo, quill ink

Rarity: A new, expensive perfume every week

Fluttershy: Sunshine, grass


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