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Pony 117 Reporting!

Spartan-Dash (MP117)

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Hello? Can anyone read me? Ah, here we go! BEGIN TRANSMISSION:

Sup bronies and Pegasisters? I'm MasterPony117, and as you can tell, I'm a MAJOR Halo fanboy and a brony, of course. I became a brony when I watched the first episode out of curiousity, like most Bronies. I loved it, but of course, some people just can't tolerate my love of MLP. I know one Pegasister, who is my friend's sister. I am gonna tell her to get an account here, like me. Well, if anyone has any further questions, feel free to ask.


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Yes, we can read joo fine.

Welcome to the forums.

Make ureself at home.




comone guyz, we need moar than 2 greetings for Masterpony!

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