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Moments of MLP that made you cry

Legendary Trixie

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This is gonna be a long list I think

- the whole episode of Crusaders of the last mark and when Rainbow Dash sang about how proud she was of Scootaloo even more crying

- The Final Problem

- The beginning of the end (parts 1 and two)

- The cutie remark part two. (Twilights talk with Starlight plus the ending really had me crying a lot)

-magical mystery cure

- The Last Crusade. (OMG from the beginning to the end nonstop crying. This episode came out soon before I had to move from my state. So, I really related to Scootaloo and felt the same way she did)

- the fault in our cutie marks

- Pinkie Pride

- The last Roundup

- Hurricane Fluttershy

- amending Fences

-the perfect pear

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I'm a very emotional person so a lot of scenes got me. The ending of the first episode got me in tears! Also, Pinkie Pride was quite an emotional one, especially Pinkie's Lament. Hurricane Fluttershy is an obvious one. The last season had a few tear-jerking moments too, but the moment that made me ugly cry was this one:


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Oh lord there's a bunch.. I can get so emotional:

- The entirety of Crusaders of The Lost Mark(Especially when they got their marks and the final song)

- The entirety of The Last Problem(Especially the song ;m;) 

- Magical Mystery Cure

- Pinkie's Lament

- The movie when Twilight yells at Pinkie

-  The Perfect Pear

- The Last Crusade

- Amending Fences

- The Fault in Our Cutie Marks

- On my Own (That Applebloom Song from Season 6)


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The Perfect Pear. Just the entire episode. Grand Pear’s last memory of his daughter was walking out of her wedding and abandoning her. Ending the episode with their love song made it even more heart wrenching. 

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I cried when the CMC's finally got their cutie marks, I cried during the really heart-felt moments of The Perfect Pair, and I also cried during the The Last Problem's finale song, The Magic of Friendship Grows (Let's be honest though, who didn't cry during that very last song of the show?) :P

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On 12/11/2019 at 5:05 PM, SpittyPie2005️ said:

The Times They Are A Changeling - Thorax is one of my favourite characters and that song Spike sang just brings out the baby in me/

Glad I'm not the only one.

13 minutes ago, Adorable Lovestar said:

I also cried to Perfect Pear during the ending.

Me too. It also gave me a wonderful idea for my Changeling OC to show his more vulnerable side

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I didn't cry at anything, but the closest I've been were these scenes


  • The Final Song (especially the book closing)
  • Celestia + Twilight's Friends and her brother abandoning her in A Canterlot Wedding P1 (Especially Celestia...my whole body froze on that one)
  • Twilight yelling at Pinkie in The Movie
  • Starlight's Redemption
  • Fluttershy crying in Hurricane Fluttershy
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21 hours ago, Scootaloo9074090 said:

Rainbow Dash crying over tank


the most saddest scene ever

A HEAVY YES to that.  Then the CMCs crying in "The Last Crusade" with Sweetie Belle:( saying to Scootaloo "but you're the only you" makes me wonder if this was intentional that the show writers know the Brony fandom has a bunch of :worry:Atlanta Falcons fans in it and sending :coco:this message shows how awful Bronies felt:( when the Falcons lost:awed: the Super Bowl to Tom Brady and the Patriots:sunny:  Scootaloo and Atlanta Falcons are one of a kind:(  By the way, Falcons gotta find years they can be dominate with success and do many times against the :Cozy:Pittsburgh Steelers:unamused:  

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On 2022-02-17 at 1:41 AM, Scootaloo9074090 said:

Rainbow Dash crying over tank.

I'm like Applejack, I cry on the inside. :mlp_bedeyes: but the CMCs getting their cutie mark aaaaaalmost got me. It's just too cute and heartwarming. Also, when Rainbow cries over Tank. When they all join in crying, you reaaaaaally feel it.

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